Version 5.0 Content Curation: Share any post from any source

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.0 to use the new Content Curation feature to share any link from your favorite content sources on your social media accounts right from your WordPress dashboard. 5.0 also ensures compatibility with the Gutenberg Editor as well as advanced WooCommerce compatibility.

Content Curation is one of the key strategies used in social media marketing. Sharing third-party content will add more value and variations to your own content. Presenting relevant content from other sources will also help establish your social media accounts as a valuable resource for your particular field of expertise.

You can now automatically post and schedule curated content with Blog2Social, in addition to automating the social media marketing of your own blog posts.

Content Curation: Share any link with Blog2Social

Blog2Social 5.0 allows you to organize your whole social media marketing from your WordPress backend. You can now share any links you want with your followers on social media. Just take the link you would like to share and click on “Content Curation” in your Blog2Social dashboard.

Enter the link and choose to either use the quick post option to send your post to your standard social media accounts or individually customize and schedule your post just like your own blog posts.

Share your curated content immediately or schedule it for a later date.

>> Learn how to use the new Content Curation feature in Blog2Social.

Compatibility Updates

  • compatibility with Gutenberg editor established
  • advanced WooCommerce compatibility established

Last update: 2018-09-18 09:37
Author: Blog2Social

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