Version 5.1 Advanced Best Time Manager

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.1 to benefit from the new advanced and fully customizable best time manager as well as additional updates that make your social media automation easier and more fun. Like emojis! wink

Advanced Best Time Manager

The new advanced best time manager makes it easier than ever to set up a cross-posting schedule for all your networks. You can use the pre-configured best times settings to automatically apply them to your post, or you can individually customize your own time settings for each connection to make sure you reach your target group and followers when they are online.

Do you post to multiple profiles, pages or groups with different audiences and you want to share your posts to each account at a different time and date? No problem! Just set the times for each page individually, and even set time delays to share your posts over several days or weeks across your social communities.

While scheduling your posts you can then load these individual best times with just one click for all your social media accounts. You can even delay the post for several days automatically, to spread your posts out through the week.

Set your best time settings up once to quickly apply them to all your posts while planning or save them to the auto-poster to automatically apply them to your next post.

Learn how to set up and apply individual best times to your social media scheduling and auto-poster.

Additional Updates and Optimizations

  • Say it with emojis sealed – Network formatting optimization for LinkedIn: You can now use Emojis on LinkedIn surprised. (You can already add Emojis to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, XING, Tumblr, Medium, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. Learn how to add emojis to your posts.)
  • Handling network connections: When you want to delete a connected social media account in the Blog2Social networks tab, you also need to delete your scheduled posts for this network account. You can now tick a checkbox to delete all scheduled posts for this account in one step. This is how it works.


Last update: 2018-12-13 09:37
Author: Blog2Social

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