Version 5.2 New XING Interface and Google + News

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.2 to connect to XING with the new XING interface: Connect and post to XING profiles, pages as well as to XING business pages. Benefit from optimized auto-load-performance and the new Portuguese language update.

Connect to XING with the new XING Interface

XING will no longer support existing APIs to third-party tools, so the current interface will be shut down by 31.03.2019. Therefore, we now introduce a new XING interface to allow you to keep scheduling & sharing your social media post on XING.

New: Connect and post to your XING Business Pages

From now on you can connect your XING profile, as well as your XING company pages (Employer branding profiles) and your business pages with Blog2Social via the new XING interface. To do this, go to the Blog2Social "Networks" section and connect your XING account with XING.  

Please check whether you have scheduled social media posts for XING beyond 31st March 2019. Make sure to reschedule these posts with the new XING interface so that your posts will be published after 31st March 2019 on your XING accounts. Make sure you schedule and share all new posts with new XING connection.

Learn how to connect and post to XING

Google shuts down Google+ for private consumers

Google will shut down Google+ for all private accounts  (profiles, pages, groups) on 2nd April 2019. Here you can find further information and the next steps, including how to download your photos and other content:

Please check whether you have scheduled social media posts for Google+ beyond 2nd April 2019. Make sure to reschedule these posts for other social networks.

Additional Updates and Optimizations

  • Blog2Social is now available in Portuguese.
  • Auto-load-performance has been optimized.

Last update: 2019-03-20 09:28
Author: Blog2Social

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