Version 5.4: New Content Curation features and Debugger Tool

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.4 to save your curated content as drafts and analyze your blog posts for social-media-readiness with the new Debugger Tool.

Content Curation: Save your curated content as drafts

"Content is king" and Content Curation helps you to collect and post the best content from any source on your social media accounts. We're constantly working on new features to make Content Curation easier for you with Blog2Social.

You can now collect and prepare posts for your Content Curation campaigns, save them as drafts and edit or share them at a later date.

>>> Here is how to share content from any sources with Blog2Social

Share or save your curated content links as drafts with the Browser Extension

Did you find an interesting article in your browser? With Blog2Social version 5.4 you can share the article immediately or save it as a draft for your content curation campaigns with the Blog2Social Browser Extension!

To share it directly with your followers and fans just click on the Blog2Social icon in your browser and share interesting content the moment you discover it. Add a comment, to make your message more personal and engaging.

Blog2Social now also saves the link as a draft in the Content Curation feature of your Blog2Social WordPress dashboard.

Are your blog posts social-media-ready? Analyze your blog post’s shareability with the new Sharing Debugger

Debugger tools help to test programs and websites for troubleshooting. They analyze the source code step by step at runtime and control its flow. Sharing debuggers let you preview how your content will look when it's shared to debug any issues with your Open Graph tags. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn offer their own debugging tools.

To make this process easier for you we have included all available sharing debugger tools directly into your Blog2Social dashboard. Use the Debugger link preview to see how your blog posts are displayed on social media and to get clues what you can edit to give your blogs posts a better social media look.

Update to Blog2Social 5.4 to use the integrated debugger tools in your WordPress backend. You find these on the Help & Support page in the new tab "Sharing Debugger". On this page, you can enter the URL of your post in the provided text field and use the debugging tools of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to find out if your blog posts are social-media-ready.

Additional Updates and Optimizations

  • Settings for “Schedule Recurrent Post” are now saved  in your "Load best times"-settings 
  • Content Curation: Increased compatibility for special characters in link URLs
  • Updated Pinterest authorization process: Please re-connect your Pinterest accounts to post on Pinterest.
Last update: 2019-05-06 16:40
Author: Blog2Social

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