Update Version 5.6.1: More options to customize your social media post templates

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.6.1 to benefit from the improved setting options for your social media post templates. The new social media post templates allow you to customize the general structure of your social media posts and save your preferred settings as default settings for each network. You can now also define your preferred character limit individually for your variables to optimize the individual structure of your social media posts. 

For defining your character limit settings for a specific social network, click on the “Edit Post Format” Button on the Blog2Social “Networks” panel. 

Define the character limit for the variables “Excerpt” and “Content” individually.


Your text will be shortened after the last comma, period, or space character within your character limit.

An “Excerpt” will only be added to your social media post if you have added a manual excerpt in the excerpt editing box of the Gutenberg side menu (document settings) of your post. 

“Titles” and “Hashtags” are not shortened. If you select the “Title” and “Hashtags” variables for your social media posts, the character limit you define for the “Excerpt” and/or “Content” variables will be applied within the remaining available character limit of the social network. 

You can customize your character limit in addition to customizing your post layout for each network.

>> Learn how to customize and apply post templates for your social media posts.

Last update: 2019-07-30 15:48
Author: Blog2Social

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