Version 5.8: Google My Business Auto Posting for Imported Posts and Easier Draft Management

Update Blog2Social to version 5.8 to auto post your imported posts to Google My Business, to manage your drafts more easily, and more.

Google My Business Auto Posting for imported posts (Pro & Business)

Importing posts is a great way to automate and optimize your content creation and distribution process and save valuable time and resources.
With Blog2Social Premium you can auto-post your imported posts. Blog2Social 5.8. now adds Google My Business to the auto poster for imported posts. The new feature is available for Premium Pro and Premium Business.

Your Google My Business listing is your digital business card and can be a primary touchpoint when clients and prospects search for your company. As soon as someone searches for your company on Google, your Google My Business listing appears in the top right-hand side of the search results and is in the focus of attention. Presenting your latest posts directly on your Google My Business listing, allows you to draw attention to your business before people even visit your site.

Use Blog2Social to keep your Google business listing up to date by auto-posting your imported posts automatically.

>>Learn how to connect Google My Business to Blog2Social

>>Learn how to automatically share imported blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google My Business

Please note: You can share up to 10 imported posts per day on Google My Business. The latest 3 posts will be prominently displayed on your business listing for 7 days Older posts can be accessed via the post carousel and will be stored in the post archive after 7 days.

Read our Google My Business Guide to see how Google My Business can help you gain more visibility and reach for your business with Google Posts.

Manage your drafts directly in the post overview section

Saving your customized social media posts as drafts makes it easier for you to save your work whenever you need to take a break and continue at a later time. Or, to use your drafts for repurposing your social media posts.

Blog2Social 5.8. makes it easier for you to see whether you already have a draft for the social media post you want to share. You can now see and access your drafts in the “Posts & Sharing” -> “Draft” tab, as well as in the tab “Posts & Sharing” -> “All blog posts”. If you have a saved draft for a blog post, the “load draft” button will appear next to the post. If you don’t see this button next to a post, there is no saved draft yet.

>>Learn how to save your posts as drafts

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You can now share your posts on LinkedIn in the image post format with or without a link in your post.
  • Pinterest login process improved.
  • Security updates.
  • Improved Multisite Support: For multisite websites, the social media calendar is now displayed separately for each website. This allows you to only see the posts relevant for your current website.
  • Content Curation: The comment text will now be correctly displayed in the comment text field.
  • Manage user rights for Blog2Social (Business): You can now streamline user rights you have assigned in other plugins or WP applications.
Last update: 2019-09-23 15:26
Author: Blog2Social

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