Version 3.1.1 released

We have improved Blog2Social for you. Today we released another release with new interesting features.

Wrong scheduling? Bulk-delete for scheduled posts

Bulk delete of scheduled posts

You're now able to bulk delete scheduled posts, if you made a mistake while scheduling your posts.

  1. Open your scheduled posts in "Posts & Sharing"
  2. Check the scheduled posts you want to delete
  3. Click "delete scheduling"
  4. Confirm delete in the confirmation box

Image post or link post on Facebook

Facebook offers different options for sharing an image or a link. Blog2Social now enables you to decide, how to post.

  • Image posts focus on the image that is displayed above the text. The text itself is more an suffix of the image.
  • In a link post your image will be displayed smaller with text above and below the image.

Choose Facebook post format

Open the "Settings" and select "Network Settings". Choose the post desired format.

There is more to discover:

  • Optimized WYSIWYG or HTML editor for the blog networks Medium, Tumblr and Torial. We optimized the line-heights and the display of the image.
  • Scheduled posts will now be displayed in order of the publishing date.
  • You now have more filter opportunities in your post overview. Filter for post types, categories + keywords and for the publishing status.
  • Delete published posts from you reporting. This only applies to the reporting itself, not to the published posts in the networks.
Last update: 2017-01-18 14:08
Author: Stefan Müller

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