Version 6.5.7 bug-fixes and usability improvements

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5.7 to make sure that you use the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social features, improvements, and adjustments.

New changes:

  • Bugfix: The UTM parameters for the auto poster functions are fixed and will now be added correctly to the the published link.
  • Improvement: The post preview for Telegram is now available in the settings for the Telegram post templates.
  • Improvement: The Blog2Social function to automatically adjust post comments and excerpts to the best format for the character limit of each network has been improved for the special characters "?" & "!”.
  • Adaptation: Blog2Social function "getExcerpt" (extended/complete usage considering the character limitation)
  • Add-on: Telegram is now available as an add-on for all valid Premium licenses (for SMART and PRO version). Telegram is included in the BUSINESS license. Unlock Telegram via the Blog2Social customer account at
  • Upcoming adjustments for WordPress version 5.6 (Release 08.12.2020): Update of the Blog2Social JS Bootstrap to version 3.4.1.

More information: Version 6.5.7 bug-fixes and usability improvements

Last update: 2020-12-02 14:44
Author: Blog2Social

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