Version 6.6. Share text posts and video links, Instagram hashtag shuffle, and Telegram add-on for your Smart or Pro license

Update Blog2Social to version 6.6 to share text-only posts and video links and use pre-defined hashtags for an Instagram hashtag shuffle for each post. You can now also get Telegram as an add-on for your Smart or Pro license.

Share text-only posts 

With Blog2Social you can already create social media posts and share link posts and image posts. Now you can also share social media posts based on text only. Text-only posts enable you to share pure text messages and personal comments with your followers and readers. You can also use hashtags, @mentions, or emojis to share your feelings.


>>> Get more information on how to share a text post with hashtags, @mentions, and emojis.

Share video links 

In the “Social Media Posts” section you will also find a separate tab for video posts now. You can enter a video link, for example from YouTube or Vimeo, to share videos you like on your social media networks. With video content you can generate more attention, evoke emotions and entertain your followers.Video is one of the most powerful communication tools and is becoming even more and more popular every day.


>>> Get more information on how to share video links.

Instagram hashtag shuffle

With the Blog2Social post templates, you can define hashtags for your Instagram posts. These hashtags will then be shared with every post automatically. By activating the function “Hashtag Shuffle” in the post templates, each post will be shared with a random order of hashtags.  Randomization of hashtags will increase the reach of your posts.


>>> Get more information on how to activate the Instagram hashtag shuffle.

Telegram add-on for your Smart or Pro license

Currently, Telegram is included in the Business license. You can now also connect your website with  Telegram as an add-on for your Smart or Pro license. You can connect Blog2Social with your Telegram account and broadcast your posts and messages automatically across Telegram groups and channels. Schedule your posts to publish them at your preferred date and time and save time for your Telegram communication. 


>>> Get the Telegram add-on for your Smart or Pro license.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • Reddit: In addition to the title, you can now also share the content of your post.
  • Notifications: When you share a post and it could not be processed by the network, you will find a notification with the reason for it under the tabs “Blog2Social -> Site & Blog content -> Notifications". With the new update of Blog2Social, a number will be displayed next to the tab "Notifications" as soon as a notification comes in. This way you will see directly when a notification appears and you can check the notification for the network and quickly make required adjustments to re-share the post.
  • Calendar: You can now choose the “best time” for your scheduled posts in the calendar so that your post will be shared at the best time. You will find more information about this new feature in the guide “How do I change the time of already scheduled posts?”.
  • Compatibility: Blog2Social is now compatible with Avada Builder. You will get more information about Page Builder plugins in the following guide for Page Builder plugins.
  • Help & Support: A Sharing-Debugger for Pinterest was added to the troubleshooting tools in the Blog2Social Dashboard. With the Pinterest Sharing-Debugger you can see how your post preview will display your post. You will find the Sharing-Debugger by clicking the tabs “Blog2Social -> Help & Support -> Sharing-Debugger”. 

More information:

Last update: 2021-01-05 09:03
Author: Blog2Social

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