Version 6.6.3 bug-fixes and usability improvements

Update Blog2Social to version 6.6.3 to ensure you are using the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social features and customizations.

New customizations and changes:

  • Improved Pinterest login via the Blog2Social browser extension.
  • Optimization of image and text transmission to the Reddit network. An empty content field is now supported, so you can share your post with just an image and a title.
  • Available number of characters extended for Reddit posts.
  • Optimization of image posts for the Telegram network.
  • Usability improvements of the "Customize & Schedule" screen.
  • A mbstring extension check was added to the troubleshooting tool.
  • When you go to "Blog2Social -> Networks" and click on the settings icon to assign the "best times" settings to another user, the assigned "best times" will now be considered for the "Re-share posts" function.

More information:

Last update: 2021-01-25 13:50
Author: Blog2Social

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