Version 6.7: Instagram Business Account, Post Templates

Instagram Business Account (Premium)

Update Blog2Social to the latest version 6.7 and connect your Instagram Business Account with Blog2Social. The Instagram Business Account offers a lot more options than a Personal Profile, for example placing ads or creating an online shop on Instagram. You can also simplify contact for your followers with a special contact button, add business and industry information, and many things more. If you don’t have an Instagram Business Account yet, consider converting your Personal Profile into a Business Account to benefit from all advantages. If you already have a Business Account that is linked to a Facebook page, you can now connect it under the tabs "Networks -> Instagram -> + Business". Blog2Social helps you to schedule your social media communication, especially for your Business Account. Reach your audience and inform your customers about the latest news, your products and offers automatically.

Connect Instagram Business

>> Learn more about the benefits of an Instagram Business Account and how to connect it with Blog2Social.

Post Templates: More options for your Twitter posts (Premium)

With Blog2Social you can share link posts as well as image posts on your Twitter account. The image posts were previously shared with a link on the end of the text. From now, the post template settings also provide you with the option to exclude your links automatically in your Twitter image posts by clicking the check-box.

Post Template Twitter

>> Learn more about how to exclude the link in your Twitter image posts.

More improvements and tweaks:

  • Notifications: When you share a post on your Facebook profile, the post appears in the tab “Site & Blog Content -> Instant Sharing”. With the new update of Blog2Social, a number will be displayed next to the tab "Instant Sharing" as soon as a new post is ready to be shared. To ensure that communication on Facebook profiles remains at a personal level, Facebook has restricted automatic publication on personal Facebook profiles. So if you want your post to be published now, simply click on "Details -> Share" in the "Instant Sharing" tab. More information in the Instant Sharing guide.
  • You can now share full articles in the social networks Medium, Torial, Tumblr, and Bloglovin. The character limit has been increased from 1500 to 20,000.
  • Medium: Please note that this social network displays the predefined hashtags as clickable tags at the end of your post.
  • Social Networks: Each license has a specified number of accounts you can connect per social network. You can also purchase additional Facebook and LinkedIn sites as well as Facebook groups as add-on to your active Blog2Social Premium Pro or Premium Business license. If you purchased more groups and sites, you will now see an overview of the maximum number of available account connections in the tab “Networks” next to the social network.
  • URL shortener: Some social networks do not allow shortlinks, so we deactivated the URL shortener for the affected social networks for your protection. Blog2Social will apply the regular URL for these social platforms. You will find a detailed overview in the URL shortener guide.

More information:

Last update: 2021-03-23 09:22
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