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Important News for your Instagram Personal Account

Instagram no longer supports social media tools for Instagram Personal Profile accounts, just for Business accounts. As an accredited Instagram partner we are obliged to provide the current interface for Instagram Business accounts only. Current connections for Instagram Personal accounts will expire on 2021-06-30. Please note that also scheduled posts for Instagram Personal accounts will be posted only up to this date.

We are sorry for the very short notice and the inconvenience, but we only just received this information. However, we will do anything to help you continue using Blog2Social for Instagram.

To continue using Blog2Social for Instagram you can easily convert your Instagram Personal account into a Business account (see below) and reconnect your Instagram Business account with Blog2Social (all Premium versions). Even if you have a private blog or website, you can use the Instagram Business account to benefit from all new options for your Instagram marketing.

Instagram Business accounts offer a lot more options than Personal Profiles. For example, placing ads or creating an online shop on Instagram.

You can also simplify contact for your followers with a special contact button, add business and industry information, and many things more.

>> Get more information on why the Instagram Business account may be the best solution for you.

If you don’t have an Instagram Business Account yet, start converting your Personal Profile into a Business Account to benefit from all advantages.

The following guides show you exactly:

If you already have a Business Account that is linked to a Facebook page, you can now connect it under the tabs "Networks -> Instagram -> + Business". 

Blog2Social helps you to schedule your social media communication, especially for your Business Account. Reach your audience and inform your customers about the latest news, your products and offers automatically.

More information: Important News for your Instagram Personal Account

Last update: 2021-06-25 15:48
Author: Blog2Social

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