Update XING Interface

XING currently provides 84,301 special interest and regional communities to connect with colleagues, fellows and target groups. Blog2Social makes it easy for you to share your blog posts on your personal XING profile, as well as on company pages and in your XING communities.

Business networks such as XING and LinkedIn offer a variety of options to publish your content and promote yourself. In order to provide more publishing options, we enhanced the interface for XING on Blog2Social today

Due to data security the existing authorization for XING was not transferred to the new interface. Please re-authorize on the "Networks" page in Blog2Social before sharing your next post.

Network connections in blog2Social

How to re-authorize:

  • Open the Networks page in Blog2Social
  • Delete the connections to XING
  • Add desired profiles, pages and groups
Last update: 2017-01-30 12:40
Author: Stefan Müller

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