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Version 6.8:, Post Templates

Update Blog2Social to version 6.8.0 to ensure you are using the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social features and customizations.

New features, adjustments, and improvements:

- New social media network: (all premium versions)

>> Learn more about how to connect Blog2Social with

- Module “Re-Share Posts”: 

  • scheduled posts are now visible in the calendar view
  • Improved filter option for shared posts

>> You will find a detailed overview about the new filter options in the “Re-Share posts automatically” guide.

- WooCommerce compatibility: prices from the WooCommerce shop can now be selected as a variable in the posting templates (requires an active WooCommerce installation)

>> You will find a detailed overview about the new price variable option in the “How to use post templates for social media posts?” guide.

- Flickr: improved transfer of keywords 

- Module “Social Media Post - Create post”:

- Generate the title field of your Pinterest post from the first paragraph of your content automatically

- Adjustment: Wysiwyg Editor

Bug fixes / Usability:

  • - Adjusted character limit for Xing 
  • - Adjustments for network assignments
  • - Adjusted counter for character count
  • - Wording adjustments of error messages and hints

More information:

Last update: 2021-07-27 15:40
Author: Blog2Social

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