Version 6.8.2 Quality and usability improvements

Update Blog2Social to version 6.8.2 to ensure you are using the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social features and customizations.


New adaptations and improvements:

Autoposter for imported posts: You can share your imported posts on Facebook pages, Twitter, and Google My Business and now also on Telegram. 

Social Media Posts: You can now create and share posts consisting of links, video links, images and text on the networks Torial, Tumblr and Google My Business


Bug fixes / Usability:

  • Emojis for Google My Business posts
  • Open Graph Tags are considered for Telegram posts now
  • The theme name is displayed in the Troubleshooting-Tool
  • The post type link post and image post is displayed in the overview of shared/scheduled posts
  • Calendar: If a post didn’t get shared you can see it by an exclamation mark in the calendar. The notification, why your post didn’t get shared, is displayed by mouseover & mouse click on the exclamation mark now.
  • Time format: You can now choose if you like to set the time format to 24h or to 12h (am/pm) in the Blog2Social settings. 
  • Autoposter for imported posts: Select a specific post category of your imported posts to be shared automatically.
  • Wording adjustments of error messages and hints

More information:

Last update: 2021-08-20 16:23
Author: Blog2Social

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