Social Media Automation for WordPress Blogs



Cross Posting

Cross-share on all selected social media platforms. Create network selections for fast and easy access to your most popular accounts.

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Auto Posting

Auto Posting

Automatically share posts at the time of publishing or at any scheduled time.

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Share content from any source

Social Media Posts

Share social media posts from website posts or pages or create posts from any text, link, image, video or RSS feed.

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Publish and share video files

Publish and share video files NEW

Publish and share your video content straight from your media library on video platforms and social networks.

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Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

Keep track of your scheduled social media posts. Add or edit your posts or change the date per drag & drop.

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Best Time Manager

Best Time Manager

Schedule your social media posts with pre-defined best-times or at your own time settings for auto-scheduling.

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Re-share Posts Automatically

Re-share Posts Automatically

Repeat your best posts automatically from time to time and save valuable time for reviving your evergreen content.

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Tailor your social media posts with comments, hashtags, handles, and emojis - for all networks in just one step.

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Select and edit images

Select and edit images

Select individual images or upload multiple images in one post. Easily edit, crop, rotate or flip images to adapt the format for selected social platforms.

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Post Templates

Post Templates

Define a unique post structure to automatically customize your social media posts.

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Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics

Track the performance of your social media posts with metrics on link views, impressions, likes, re-shares/re-tweets and comments.

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Extended multi-user support to organize and collaborate on social media posts with multiple WordPress users.

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Cross-Posting FREE

How to connect your WordPress to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Reddit and Diigo

Automatically cross-share your posts on multiple social media channels at once including Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, groups), LinkedIn (profiles, pages, Xing (profiles, pages), VK (profiles, pages, groups), Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, and Google Business. Publish and share your images and videos also on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo and many more.

Blog2Social takes care of optimizing the size and format of your posts for each selected social platform. Additionally, you have multiple options to tailor and customize your posts individually, ensuring that your content stands out on each platform.

Share your posts on:

  • Multiple social media profiles at once
  • Facebook pages
  • All social media pages or groups PREMIUM
  • Additional social platforms PREMIUM
  • Multiple social media accounts per network PREMIUM

Social Media Posts

Create and share social media posts from any source


Blog2Social enables you to easily and automatically schedule and share social media posts from your website content as well as from any other content from any source such as texts, links, images, videos, and rss-feeds. You can create, edit, manage, schedule and share all of your social media content right from your WordPress dashboard, ensuring that your social media feeds are automatically filled with a consistent variety of content:

  • Share your website posts and pages
    on social media.
  • Create and share social media posts from
    any text or link.
  • Schedule and share images and videos
    from any source. PREMIUM
  • Share imported content from RSS-feeds. PREMIUM

    Auto Posting PREMIUM

    Social Media Auto-Posting

    Schedule and share your social media posts automatically as soon as they are published on your website or choose a specific time for scheduling.

    Schedule and share your website content, blog posts, imported RSS feeds, or any other text, links, images, and videos directly from your WordPress dashboard.


    Customizing FREE PREMIUM

    Social Media Auto-Posting: Edit or add any text with comments, hashtags or handles + advanced auto-formatting and posts in HTML for republishing on blogging networks

    Engage with your social community by tailoring your social media posts to the specific preferences of each network.

    With Blog2Social custom sharing feature, you can easily customize your social media posts by editing your text message and adding individual comments, hashtags, and handles for each network.

    This allows you to auto-post your social media post in the best way to fit the different audiences on each platform

    One-Step Workflow

    Share on all your social media at once in one single step

    The one-step workflow allows you to easily customize and share your content on all platforms at once or select specific platforms. A one-page preview editor displays all selected platforms and social media posts. You can edit texts and comments and schedule your social media posts in one single step.

    All social media posts are prefilled with excerpts according to the available number of characters for each network.

    You can:

    • Select or remove selected networks per click
    • Edit the posting text and add individual comments, hashtags or handles
    • Select a specific image from your content
    • Post at the best times on each network with the Best Time Scheduler PREMIUM

    Easily re-publish your blog post on blogging networks such as Tumblr, Medium and Torial. The prefilled posting text contains the HTML markup, allowing you to edit bold typefaces, sub headlines and links of the original blog post.

    The one-step workflow offers the speed and convenience of automatic sharing while giving you the option to customize your posts with personal comments for better engagement. With social media auto-publishing, custom-sharing, and scheduling, you can save time and effort while still maintaining control over your social media presence.


    Post Templates


    Create a structured template that allows for automatic customization of social media posts. Define the sequence of variables for the title, excerpt, content, and keywords (hashtags), emojis as well as any static words you wish to include as default parameters.

    A preview function shows you how your post will appear with your customized settings.

    Available variables:

  • Title: The title of your post.
  • Content: The content of your post.
  • Excerpt: The summary of your post
    (you define it in the side menu of your post).
  • Keywords: The tags you have set in your post.
  • Author: The author of the post.
  • Price: WooCommerce product price

  • The Blog2Social post templates enable you to customize your social media posts according to your specific needs and preferences.


    Social Media Calendar


    Efficiently manage and track your scheduled social media posts with the social media calendar. Easily add, edit reschedule posts per drag & drop to a different date.

    Monitor your scheduled posts and published posts to gain full visibility of your social media marketing strategy.


    Best Time Manager PREMIUM

    How to auto-post at the best times on each network

    Ensure your social media posts are shared at the optimal time for each social network with the Blog2Social Best Time Scheduler. This scheduler is based on current research for the best times to post on each social network. Sharing your social media posts at the right time is crucial for their success as it determines whether they will be read or lost in the endless stream of social media noise.

    Tip: Get a glimpse of The Best Times To Post on Social Media

    Customized Settings:

    If you already know the best times that work for you, you can define and save your own time settings. Both options can be edited anytime for every post and every social network according to your preferences. Schedule your social media posts for immediate sharing or choose a one-time or recurring schedule.


    Re-sharing and recurring scheduling PREMIUM

    Social Media Scheduling: once, repeatedly or recurrently to multiple profiles, pages and groups

    Repetitive posting is a great way to increase the reach of your social media posts by reposting them at different times and on different days. Blog2Social makes it easy to re-share older posts and to schedule recurring posts by allowing you to set up a schedule for each post.

    You can choose to post your content multiple times a day, week, or month, and select the days and times that work best for your audience. You can also choose to post your content at different times for different networks, based on the best times to post for each network.

    Additionally, you can easily edit your post text and image for each recurring post to keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience.


    Re-share Posts Automatically PREMIUM


    Save valuable time by automatically reposting your evergreen content and images at intervals of your choosing. With automatic re-sharing, you can create the perfect mix of content to keep your social media feeds interesting, rich, and diverse.

    Defining which blog posts, pages, or custom post types you want to revive is easy with Blog2Social. Simply select the content and the desired interval, and Blog2Social will take care of the rest, automatically populating your social media feeds with your chosen content.

    Tip: Social Media Frequency Guide: Social Media Frequency Guide: How Often To Post On Social Media?

    Blog2Social provides you with every option you need for social media scheduling.

    You can:

    • Share current posts
    • Re-share old posts
    • Pre-schedule your planned but
      not yet published posts PREMIUM
    • Re-share your posts and schedule evergreen on a recurring basis PREMIUM

    Select and edit images and post formats PREMIUM

    Free Image Selection: Select any image from your WordPress gallery for each single post and channel

    Images are a crucial factor in attracting attention and engagement on social media.

    With Blog2Social you can optimize your social media posts by selecting the best image for your message and your audience:

    Images have a strong emotional impact and pull on us. So, an image in your social media post is one of the most important factors to attract attention and engagement.

    With Blog2Social, you can select any image you want for your social media posts and channels to always choose the best visual for your message and your audience.

    • Choose an image from your content for all your social media posts
    • Select individual images for each social media post and channel PREMIUM SMART
    • Choose any image from your media gallery or any other source for each social media post and channel PREMIUM PRO

    Image Editor PREMIUM


    Blog2Social automatically optimizes your images for each social media platform by resizing them. PREMIUM PRO

    Tip: The best images sizes for social media posts

    However, you may want to customize the image format for certain networks by adding a frame, selecting a specific detail, or using a different format altogether. The Blog2Social image editor allows you to easily crop, rotate, flip, and edit your images to match the format of your selected social platforms.


    Select post formats PREMIUM


    Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide different post formats to display your post.

    The link post format shows a preview of your content that is automatically generated and includes the post's title, a preview image, and the first one or two sentences. Your article is linked in the image.

    A photo or image post includes a comment along with a chosen image. The image will be uploaded to the image gallery of the social platform and the image will link to this gallery.

    Depending on your content and community, the social media post type may have a distinct effect on how well your post performs.

    With Blog2Social you can easily choose a custom post format for each single of your social media posts.


    Publish and share video files PREMIUM + ADDON


    Blog2Social makes it's easy to share your video content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Vimeo.

    The new video feature seamlessly integrates video sharing into your social media management workflow.

    To share your video content, simply select the desired videos from your media library or upload new videos to your WordPress media library.

    With the Video-Addon you can choose to:

  • Select a specific video file from your media gallery for your social media posts ADD-ON
  • Upload any local video file for your social media posts ADD-ON
  • Select individual video links as social media posts

  • By using Blog2Social's Video Addon, you can maximize your social media marketing efforts with engaging video content that is easily shareable across multiple platforms.


    Auto-post content from RSS Feeds


    If you import content via RSS feeds into your WordPress website, you can share it automatically on social media with Blog2Social.

    You can also automatically post WordPress content created by other plugins to your social media accounts.


    URL Shortener and UTM Tracker


    Link shorteners can be used to create shortened versions of your url or to monitor the success of your social media marketing efforts by tracking the performance of your links across all social media networks.

    Blog2Social offers three link shorteners for your social media posts.

    You can choose between:

  • Rebrandly
  • Sniply
  • Bitly

    Reporting FREE

    Social Media Reporting: Keep track of your shared and published social media posts.

    Keep track of your planned, scheduled and shared social media posts.

    Whenever you share a post on social media, you will get a one-page report of your current sharing scheme (shared and scheduled social media posts with links to the respective network postings).

    Blog2Social offers an easy-to-use social media reporting dashboard:

    • View all published blog posts (plus you can share and re-share your posts right from the dashboard)
    • View all scheduled and published social media posts, plus links to the respective posts on your social networks
    • Each user can see their own posts
    • Administrators can see all posts

    Social Media Metrics


    Social networks provide a huge potential for your marketing. Social signals help you to see which of your posts generate engagement from your followers.

    Track the performance of your social media posts with metrics on link views, impressions, likes, re-shares/re-tweets and comments directly in Blog2Social.

    You can use this data to review specific campaigns and optimize your social media marketing.

    You can track the following metrics:

  • Impressions: A count of how many times the post has been viewed.
  • Likes: A count of how many times the post has been liked.
  • Re-Shares/ Re-Tweets: A count of how many times the post has been reshared or retweeted.
  • Comments: A count of how many times the post has been replied to.

    Team Management


    Blog2Social simplifies the process of working with multiple users and teams. The team management features help you to organize multiple users and collaborate on social media accounts:

  • Blog2Social is WordPress user-based, so you can define settings and network connections for each WordPress user individually. This provides a high degree of flexibility and control over your social media content management
  • The additional features to simplify user administration and enhance team management. You can assign license keys, social network accounts, and auto-poster settings to users directly from your admin account. This streamlines the process of managing multiple users and teams, making it easier to collaborate on social media content.


    Instant Sharing on Facebook profiles FREE

    Facebook Instant Sharing

    Facebook no longer allows automatic sharing on Facebook profiles, but the Blog2Social Instant Sharing function makes it easy to integrate your Facebook profiles into your social media management with just one more click. You can customize and schedule your post with the social media post editor or share instantly.

    With Instant Sharing, you can share your post on your Facebook profile, a friend's timeline, in groups or on pages you manage, or in private messages. You can also add @handles, tag friends, check in at a location, add emotions and activities, or edit the privacy settings for your post.

    Tip: Learn how to use Facebook Instant Sharing


    Flexible Freemium Licenses

    Free Social Media Automation: Use Blog2Social Free or upgrade to Premium anytime for more features, more users according to your needs

    Blog2Social is a powerful free social media automation plugin for WordPress that allows you to share, customize, and cross-promote your content on social media platforms.

    If you upgrade to Blog2Social Premium any time, to access all advanced features such as scheduling, auto-posting, as well as the ability to create and share social media posts from any content and to connect multiple accounts per network as well as social media groups and pages.

    You can choose between several license options based on your needs and the number of users or websites you want to connect to your social networks.

    To see the full range of features, you can test Blog2Social Premium in a free 30-day-trial and without any obligations:
    Register for the 30-days-trial
    (Free of charge, without obligations, no automatic subscription)