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Connect WordPress to all of your social media networks

How to connect your WordPress to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Reddit and Diigo

Automatically share your posts and connect your blog to Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, VK profiles, VK pages, VK groups, Twitter and Google My Business. Connect your WordPress to LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn pages, Xing profiles, Xing pages and Xing groups. Share your images on Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest. Re-publish on Tumblr, Medium and Torial and connect your blog to Reddit and Diigo.

Automatically share your posts on

  • Multiple social media profiles
  • Facebook pages
  • Social media pages or groups PREMIUM
  • >Multiple accounts per network PREMIUM

Auto-Posting on Social Media PREMIUM

Social Media Auto-Posting

Blog2Social will automatically turn your blog post and images into the optimal format for each social network. Automatically share your blog posts on social media when your post is published or at your scheduled best times. Share your blog post to all or selected social networks at once.


Custom Sharing

Social Media Auto-Posting: Edit or add any text with comments, hashtags or handles + advanced auto-formatting and posts in HTML for republishing on blogging networks

Increase the visibility of your social media posts.

Your social community will engage more with your posts if you tailor your social media posts according to the network specific preferences of your communities.

With Blog2Social custom sharing, you can easily customize your social media posts by editing your text message or adding individual comments, hashtags, and handles for each network.

This way, you can auto-post your social media post in the best way to fit the different audiences on Facebook business pages, Facebook groups, Facebook profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, LinkedIn profiles, XING profiles, XING pages, XING groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Diigo and Reddit. You can also choose a specific image to be published with your post.

You can easily re-publish your blog post on blogging networks such as Tumblr, Medium and Torial. The prefilled posting text contains the HTML markup, e.g. to edit bold typefaces, sub headlines and links of the original blog post. You can edit and change the text in the HTML markup according to your preferences for each network.


Best Time Scheduler PREMIUM

How to auto-post at the best times on each network

Auto-post at the best times for each network

Sharing your social media posts at the right time on each network is a success factor for your post. The right timing determines whether your post will be read or disappears in the endless stream of social media noise. Every social community is different and every social network has its own rush hour. Blog2Social provides you with a ready to use Best Time Scheduler based on current research for the best times to post on each social network.

Tip: The Best Times To Post On Social Media

If you know which times work best for you, then you can define and save your own time settings. Both options can be edited anytime for every post and every social network according to your preferences. Schedule your social media posts for immediate sharing or choose a one-time or recurring schedule.


Custom Scheduling on Social Media

Social Media Scheduling: once, repeatedly or recurrently to multiple profiles, pages and groups

Automatically schedule social media posts in WordPress

Whenever you share a post on social media, only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. So, it might be a good idea to post your content more than once. However, there are implicit rules for sharing content recurrently on social media and these rules vary from network to network.

Tip: Social Media Frequency Guide: How Often To Post On Social Media?

Blog2Social provides you with every option you need for social media scheduling. You can schedule, re-post and re-share and re-schedule your social media posts and images at any time and to any network that might be appropriate for that purpose.

All your connected social networks, profiles, pages and groups will be displayed as the default selection on the preview page.

With a click on the respective channel you can:

  • select or remove any network from your current sharing scheme
  • or pre-select and save various sets of channels for different sharing purposesPREMIUM

You can:

  • Share current posts
  • Re-share old posts
  • Pre-schedule your planned, not yet published posts PREMIUM
  • Re-share your posts and evergreen content recurrently PREMIUM

Select any image you want for each single social media post

Free Image Selection: Select any image from your WordPress gallery for each single post and channel

Images have a strong emotional impact and pull on us. So, an image in your social media post is one of the most important factors to attract attention and engagement.

With Blog2Social, you can select any image you want for your social media posts and channels to always choose the best visual for your message and your audience.

  • You can select an image from your blog post for your social media posts
  • You can select individual images from your blog post for each social media post and channel PREMIUM SMART
  • You can select any image from your media gallery for each social media post and channel PREMIUM PRO

Select the post format for your posts PREMIUM

Select the post format for your posts: You can post your content as link post or image post / photo post.

The link post format displays an automatically generated preview of your blog post with the blog post title and the first one or two sentences of the post. The image links to your blog post.

A photo post / image post displays a selected image and comment in the post. The image links to the image view on the network’s image gallery.

The social media post format can have a different impact on the performance of your post, depending on your content and audience.

With Blog2Social you can choose the custom post format for each single your social media posts and select individual images for your posts. For image posts Blog2Social automatically uploads your selected image to your photo gallery in the respective network and adds the link to your post in your comment.


Social Media Reporting

Social Media Reporting: Keep track of your shared and published social media posts.

Keep track of your planned, scheduled and shared social media posts.

Whenever you share a post on social media, you will get a one-page report of your current sharing scheme (shared and scheduled social media posts with links to the respective network postings).

Blog2Social offers an easy-to-use social media reporting dashboard:

  • View all published blog posts (plus you can share and re-share your posts right from the dashboard)
  • View all scheduled and published social media posts, plus links to the respective posts on your social networks
  • Each user can see their own posts
  • Administrators can see all posts

One-Step Workflow for Customizing Social Media Posts

Share on all your social media at once in one single step

The one-step workflow allows you to easily customize and share your blog posts on all social media. A one-page preview editor displays all social media posts. You can edit texts and comments and schedule your social media posts in one single step.

All social media posts are prefilled with excerpts according to the available number of characters for each network. You can:

  • Edit the posting text
  • Add individual comments, hashtags or handles for better visibility, more engagement and better networking with your followers
  • Select a specific image
  • Post at the best times on each network with the Best Time SchedulerPREMIUM
  • Select or remove selected networks per click for any sharing purpose

With the one-step workflow, social media auto-publishing, custom-sharing and scheduling is faster and easier. It gives you all the pros of automatically sharing your posts while maintaining all the options of customizing your posts to add personal comments for more engagement.


Facebook Instant Sharing

Facebook Instant Sharing

To share your posts with Instant Sharing, customize and schedule your post with the social media post editor or share instantly. After scheduling your posts, they will be listed in the “Scheduled Posts” tab on your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On your scheduled date, your posts will move to the “Instant Sharing” tab and you can click on “share” to send them to your Facebook Profile instantly.

You can share your post with your Facebook profile, alternative on a friend's timeline, groups, events, pages you manage, and private messages. You can also add @handles, tag friends, check in at a location, add emotions and activities, or edit the privacy settings for your post.

Learn how to use Facebook Instant Sharing


Content Curation

Content Curation

Content Curation is one of the key strategies used in social media marketing. Sharing relevant third-party content will help establish your social media accounts as a valuable content resource for your particular field of expertise.

  • Blog2Social allows you to share any content post you want to share with your followers on social media.
  • Schedule your content curation posts to automatically fill your social media feeds with a consistent content mix of your own content and third-party content. PREMIUM

Flexible Freemium Licenses

Free Social Media Automation: Use Blog2Social Free or upgrade to Premium anytime for more features, more users according to your needs

Blog2Social is a free social media automation plugin for WordPress. You can share, customize and cross-promote your blog posts. You can upgrade to Blog2Social Premium any time, to access all advanced features: Social media scheduling, auto-posting and connect multiple accounts per network as well as social media groups and pages. You can choose between several license options according to your requirements and the number of users or blogs you want to connect to your social networks.

You can test Blog2Social Premium in a free 30-day-trial and without obligations:
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