How to Auto-Post to all Social Media at Once

Blog2Social is a social media auto-publishing, custom sharing and social media scheduling plugin for WordPress blogs. You can cross-post and cross-promote to all social media networks. Blog2Social automatically turns your blog post into the right format and you can auto-post at the best times for each network. Instead of manually sharing your blog content on social media, Blog2Social saves you the time and pain of manually sharing your blog posts and images on social media.

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24-minute video with a look into the tool and explanation of all features of Blog2Social by Jerry Banfield on YouTube:
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1. Download and Install Blog2Social on Your WordPress Blog

Blog2Social is easy to use. It just takes 2 steps and less than 5 minutes to share your first post.

Blog2Social is a free social media automation plugin. You can share, customize and cross-promote your blog posts. You can upgrade to Premium anytime to access even more awesome features.

  • You can either download the Zip-File or install the plugin right from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Once you have downloaded the ZIP-archive, just upload it to your blog (Plugins > “Add new” and click “Upload Plugin” in the upper left, then click “Install”).
    If you download Blog2Social from your WordPress administration panel click on (“Plugins” > “Add new” and enter “blog2social” in the search field in the upper right corner, then click “Install”).
  • Activate Blog2Social. It appears in the left hand side navigation menu.
How to connect WordPress to your social Media. install Blog2Social for social media auto-posting, auto-scheduling, custom posting and sharing with your WordPress blog

2. Share Your Blog Post Automatically on Social Media

Blog2Social is now ready to share your first blog post on social media automatically. Just go to the Blog2Social submenu in your WordPress admin panel, click “Posts & Sharing” and select the blog post you want to share on social media. Click on the green button “Share on Social Media” to access the preview panel.

If you have not yet connected any networks, you can do this right here. Just click “ADD MORE” on the network panel on the right hand side. Select the network you want to connect in the popup window. Follow the instructions. After successfully connecting a network it’ll appear in the account panel on the right hand side and will be available for all future posts. Once you have connected all your accounts they can be selected or removed for all current sharing activities with just a click of your mouse.

Tip: The Auto-Posting feature lets you automatically share your post immediately when you publish your post. Or, you can schedule your social media posts for a specific date and use your personal best time settings for each network.PREMIUM


Blog2Social automatically turns your post into the optimal format for each network. However, with custom sharing you can customize your post with individual comments or hashtags to give them a personal touch, encourage engagement or ask for shares.

An editor field will show up for all selected network accounts on your preview page. The editor field is pre-filled with an excerpt of your blog post according to the available number of characters on each social network. But, you can edit the text or add individual comments, hashtags or handles according to your preferences.

Tip: You can also pre-select and save different network bundles for various sharing or re-sharing activities in the Blog2Social “Networks” settings. PREMIUM


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Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling with Blog2Social Premium

Upgrade to Blog2Social Premium to get access to even more great features for sharing and scheduling your blog posts: Auto-post on social media business pages and groups. Connect multiple accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Diigo, Flickr and Reddit. Define network bundles, auto-schedule your social media posts for the best times on each social network, use multi-user licenses, advanced social media scheduling options and social media reporting to keep track of your social media reports.

Get your free 30-day-trial of Blog2Social PREMIUM.

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How to Auto-Post and Schedule Your Blog Post with Blog2Social

  • After registering for Blog2Social Premium you will receive an email with your license key.
    You can also login at to get the license key.
  • To activate Blog2Social Premium just enter the license key in the respective field on the right-hand side of the Blog2Social settings panel.
How to Auto-Post and Schedule Your Blog Post with Blog2Social - Install the Plugin

Best Time Scheduling: Auto-Post at the Best Times for each Social Network

The right timing can be crucial for your post to get noticed or disappear in the endless stream of social media noise. Finding out what works best for you will require a lot of deep insight research and analysis. We have already done a bunch of research and cross-checked these results with current research of renowned social media institutes. We then bundled the results into a ready-to-use best time scheduler to auto-post your posts at the best times to post on each network.

Tip: The Best Times To Post On Social Media.

Whenever you share a blog post you can decide whether to use the Blog2Social Best Time Scheduler or you can select and save your own best time settings.


With Blog2Social Premium you can choose between two general options for sharing your blog posts on social media: Social Media Auto-Posting and Custom Sharing and Scheduling.

Social Media Auto-Posting

Auto-Posting is the fastest and easiest way to share your blog post on social media.

The Social Media Auto-Posting feature automatically shares your blog post on social media, whenever you publish your post. Or, you can schedule your social media posts for a specific date and use your personal best time settings for each social network. If you haven't defined any custom time settings for scheduling, Blog2Social will automatically schedule your post with the time settings defined in the Best Time Manager.

You can also auto-post your scheduled blog posts. If you select “immediately after publishing” the social media posts will be shared as soon as your post is published on your blog. If you select “at scheduled times” your posts will be shared with your scheduled date and times.

Immediate auto-posting

  1. Click “enable Auto-Posting”.
  2. Select a set of networks for sharing or your standard social networks.
  3. Select “immediately after publishing”.

When you click “publish” or “schedule” in your WordPress post editor to publish or schedule your blog post, the Social Media Auto-Poster will be set into action.

Auto-posting with auto-scheduling

  1. Check “enable Auto-Posting” in the WordPress post editor.
  2. Select a set of social networks for sharing or your standard networks.
  3. Select “at scheduled times”.
  4. Select the date and time for your social media posts.
  5. You can also choose “post at my time settings” to use your individual best times to post to each network. If you schedule your social media posts for the same day, Blog2Social might share some of your posts on the following day, if the best time windows are already passed for that day.

When you click “publish” or “schedule” in your WordPress post editor to publish or schedule your blog post, the Social Media Auto-Poster will be set into action.


How to Automatically Schedule and Share Your Social Media Posts in WordPress with Custom Sharing and Scheduling

To share your blog posts on social media with individual comments, hashtags and handles, click ”Custom Sharing & Scheduling“ in your WordPress post editor as explained above for the free version.

You can also select the post format for your social media posts. network settings of Blog2Social you can set the link post format or image post format by default. You can change the settings for each single social media post in the one-page preview editor.

You can customize and schedule your posts at predefined best times or personal times. Whatever you do, with the social media scheduler, you can vary the predefined times anytime for any post and any network.

To schedule a social media post individually, just select your scheduling preferences from the drop down box below the input field.

With the social media scheduler you can schedule your post:

  • to be shared immediately
  • to be shared at a specific day and time
  • to be shared once
  • to be shared recurrently on specific days and times

If you want to change the social media scheduling plan just access the dashboard and edit the respective scheduling.

If you want to predefine your own best time scheduler, just click on “Settings” in the Blog2Social submenu and edit the times to your preferences. These settings apply when you click on “My best-time settings” on the upper menu of the preview-page. Or, if you have no idea what the best times are, just select the ready to use “Best time scheduler” for your convenience.


Connect your blog to multiple social network profiles, pages and groups

Connect additional accounts, profiles, pages and groups as explained for the free version above. You may connect your network accounts on the preview page or in the Blog2Social submenu “Networks”.

Your networks selection will be shown as default “Standard” network profile.

In the “Networks” settings you can also pre-define various sets of networks, for different social media accounts, target groups, contents or sharing purposes. For example, you can define a specific set of networks for sharing your posts images only or for re-sharing your evergreen content on a recurring basis.

Whenever you want to auto-publish a new post, simply select a predefined set of networks for this specific sharing purpose from the drop-down menu on the right hand networks panel. If you need to vary your selection, you can do this by simply clicking on the respective account, profile, page or group to turn it on (green check mark) or off (network will be shown as faded).


Social Media Reporting

Keep track of your scheduled and published social media posts. Open “Posts & Sharing” from the Blog2Social menu in your WordPress dashboard and select

  • the complete list of your blog posts with links to the one-page preview editor to share and schedule the respective post
  • the list of all scheduled social media posts, grouped by blog posts, with links to every single scheduled social media post to edit date and time and the option to delete single or all scheduled social media posts
  • the lists of already published social media posts, grouped by blog posts, with deep links to the post in the respective social network.

You can switch between a list view and a calendar view.


Blog2Social Premium automatically shares your posts even when you sleep, during out of office hours or when you're off for the weekend or on holiday. Blog2Social will do all the painstaking routine work for you and save you a whole lot of time. Time you can better spend on networking and engaging with your friends and followers.

Get your free 30-day-trial of Blog2Social PREMIUM.

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