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Publish and Share Your Videos on Social Media Automatically with Blog2Social

On average, people spend 84 minutes per day watching video content online. To take advantage of this trend, Blog2Social makes it easy to automatically share your video content across your social media accounts. The video feature allows you to schedule, publish, and share videos and reels directly from your media library on popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn.

  • Select a video from your media library.
  • Publish and share your videos on and across your selected platforms.
  • Schedule your videos for the best time time, when your audience is online.
  • You can even customize your video title and description individually for each platform.
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Easily publish and share your videos across social networks

The new video feature integrates flawlessly into your social media scheduling and sharing workflow. Simply upload or select a video from your WordPress media library, add a strong title, description with keywords and publish it seamlessly across your selected social media accounts using Blog2Social, or schedule it to be posted at the best time to reach your audience.


Customize your video posts

Blog2Social automatically imports your video title and description from the meta text in your media gallery and adapts it to the format required by each platform. You can also add or customize your title, description, and hashtags for each network individually to ensure your video content is optimized and ready to reach the world.

Get your sneak peek!

Check out our quick tutorial on how to get started with the new video function. Find out how to connect your channels, upload your videos and send them out to your channels to go viral. Make sure to leave your feedback in the comment section and follow for more updates!

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Sign up for a free 30-day video trial and experience all the premium features of Blog2Social (no automatic subscription). During your trial, you can upload up to 250 MB of video content per day, with a total limit of 2.5 GB. When you reach the limit, simply choose a premium license and unlock the video add-on.

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