Version 5.1.1 Introducing Instant Sharing for Google+

Update to Blog2Social version 5.1.1 to use Instant Sharing for Google+.

Google+ Instant Sharing

Google+ has announced to cease its consumer services over the next couple of months due to the disclosure of severe data leaks caused by recent hacker attacks. Consequently, Google has made several changes to APIs and is winding down general access of third-party apps. Due to the recent API changes, some Google+ accounts now need a direct connection to Google+ to be able to share on their profiles, pages and in groups. To help you keep on sharing content with your followers on Google+, you can now use Blog2Social Instant Sharing to share on Google+ profiles, pages and in groups.

  • Connect your Google+ page to post directly to your page.
  • Connect your Profile to post to your Profile and all your Google+ Communities (Groups).

>> Learn how to share with Google+ Instant Sharing on Google+ profiles, pages and groups.

Last update: 2018-12-20 12:31
Author: Blog2Social

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