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Version 4.9 - Share on your Google My Business listing and use links to track your engagement

Share your blog posts directly to your Google My Business listing [Premium Pro & Business]

Your Google My Business listing is your digital business card and can be a primary touchpoint when clients and prospects search for your company.

As soon as someone searches for your company on Google, your business listing appears in the top right-hand side of the search results and is the focus of attention. Presenting your latest posts from your business blog directly on your Google My Business listing allows you to draw attention before they even visit your site.

Share blog posts on your Google My Business listing with just one click directly from your WordPress dashboard. Your featured image will be converted to the right format automatically and a link to your blog post will be added.

Connect Google My Business with WordPress

Want to learn more about Google My Business?

>> Learn how to connect Google My Business with Blog2Social to post your blog posts on Google My Business. URL Shortener for your Social Media Posts

Make the most out of your social media marketing efforts by tracking your posted links with

Activate in the Blog2Social settings and link your account to Blog2Social to post links in your scheduled social media posts.

Use to track your engagement and see how your posts performed across all social media networks.

Activate the URL Shortner in Blog2Social

>>Learn how to use links for your social media posts

Usability updates

  • Improved usability in the planning overview for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Optimization for Safari Browser
  • Links to Twitter can now be sent as permalinks if the shortener is deactivated
2018-06-21 10:03

New Instagram Terms and Data Policy - please confirm

You can no longer connect your Instagram account to Blog2Social?

Instagram has introduced  new terms and data policy that requires your agreement before your can continue using Instagram. Before connecting Instagram to Blog2Social, please log into your Instagram account manually at or via the Instagram App.

Please confirm the data policy and log out from the desktop as well as from the Instagram APP.

Then go to your WordPress account and reconnect Instagram. Detailed instructions on how to connect Instagram can be found here:

2018-05-28 11:13

Version 4.8 - Post & Schedule Retweets and Multiple Individually Tailored Posts

Update your Blog2Social to version 4.8 to create and plan Twitter Retweets, plan multiple individually tailored posts for your social media accounts and benefit from usability updates for a better user experience.

Post & Schedule Retweets (Premium)

Since Twitter’s new TOS update, sending the same Tweet to multiple twitter accounts or to one Twitter account multiple times is no longer allowed. However, Blog2Social now provides new options to create multiple Tweets for your blog posts that will make it easier to promote your blog in accordance with the new Twitter rules.

Retweets are still allowed on Twitter and a great way to reshare the same Tweets across your accounts.  

With Blog2Social 4.8 you can now schedule multiple Retweets for a Tweet you are planning right from your WordPress backend.

While scheduling a Tweet in the one-page preview editor, you can now enable Retweets and select your other Twitter accounts to Retweet your original Tweet with a short delay.

>>Learn how to schedule Retweets

Schedule multiple individually tailored posts (Premium)

With Blog2Social 4.8, planning and scheduling multiple individually tailored social media posts for your blog post is getting even easier.

Create unique social media posts by using individual comment texts, hashtags, @-handles and images (with the photo-post format) for your posts with only a few clicks.

You can do this now in one single step in your one-page preview editor.

>>Learn how to schedule multiple individually tailored posts

Tipp 1: Unique Tweets for Twitter
Use this feature to create unique Tweets for Twitter. By tailoring your Tweets you have another great way to re-share your blog post multiple times without repeating yourself. And, with multiple individually tailored Tweets, you will get more reach and engagement for your blog post.

Tipp 2: Multiple images on Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr
Posting multiple images from your blog post to Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr is now easier and quicker than ever!  Just select a different image for each of your posts and click “share”.

Usability updates

  • You can now check the delivery status of your posts in the Blog2Social “Posts & Sharing” section by clicking on the tab “Notifications”.
  • XING groups are now sorted alphabetically for easier selection.
  • XING group names are now always displayed in the Scheduled Posts & Shared Posts overview for easier review.
  • The installation routine has been optimized
  • Layout adjustment in the “Networks” section
  • Auto-poster adapted for drafts. Drafts are now checked for auto posting if “updated posts” is selected in the settings.
2018-05-22 17:04

Facebook Update April 2018: Protecting User Information

On April 4, 2018 Facebook announced new rules to protect user information on Facebook.
Due to these changes, Facebook is currently working on adapting their Group and Pages API to the new data protection and privacy requirements. This can temporarily lead to interruptions of the Facebook network connections. We will keep you informed.

2018-04-12 17:43

Version 4.7 - Twitter terms of service update

Twitter has implied several significant changes to rules and policies for scheduling and sharing and the usage of social media automation tools. By enforcing these new Twitter rules by March 23rd, updating Blog2Social to version 4.7 is required to use Blog2Social in agreement with the new Twitter terms of services (TOS) and benefit from usability add-ons that improve Blog2Social’s user experience.

Please note:
The update to Blog2Social 4.7 is mandatory, in order to comply with Twitter’s new terms of service. Older versions of the plugin can no longer be used. >>See here for more information

Twitter terms of service update

In order to prevent malicious activity and spam, Twitter changed their rules restricting users from posting identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account.

To make sure that our users are in compliance with the new Twitter policies, we had to apply a couple of adjustments to Blog2Social. However, Blog2Social will provide you with many great features for your Twitter marketing in accordance with the new rules and policies.

  • You can still select and connect multiple Twitter accounts to share your blog posts. To prevent duplicate content. Blog2Social now analyzes your Twitter comments to make sure you do not accidentally post the same message across multiple Twitter accounts.
  • If you select more than one Twitter account, the first account will still have an automatically generated comment in the comment field, all other comment fields will be empty in order to enable you to vary and customize your Tweets.
  • You can now select a primary Twitter account for auto-posting your blog posts and RSS-imported feeds.

Please note that Blog2Social was originally built to provide any means of tailoring social media posts in combination with smart social media automation. Blog2Social provides you with many great customizing options such as individual comments, link post and image post formats, individual images and even Twitter Card parameters. With the current regulations on social media automation and scheduling, Blog2Social is highly specialized in providing you with the best options for your Twitter marketing in accordance with Twitter’s new policies and rules.

>> See our Twitter update FAQ for more details

>>Learn more about how the new Twitter rules impact your social media marketing and what you can do about it.

Choose a Twitter Card Type

Blog2Social 4.7 enables you to choose the twitter card type for your posts. The information you choose will be written into your blog post’s meta tags.

The Twitter card type defines the appearance of the link preview shown on Twitter.
With the card type “Summary”, your post will be shown on Twitter with a small image, to set the focus on the text:

With the card type “Summary_Large_Image”, your post will be shown on Twitter with a big image, to set the focus on the image:

To select the Twitter card type for all your blog posts, go to Blog2Social -> Settings -> Social Meta Data -> Twitter and select the default card type:

Please note that content is cached by Twitter for 7 days after a link to a page with card markup has been published in a Tweet. This means that it can take up to 7 days until Twitter displays the change.

Usability updates

  • In addition to the editing function in the social media calendar, scheduled posts can now also be edited in the “Posts & Sharing -> Shared Posts -> Details” overview of each blog post.
  • Re-share function after post preview adjusted.
  • Scheduled posts with your “own interval” now correctly start at the starting date.
  • Established compatibility with WP Link Page.
  • Updated network overview.
  • You will now get a confirmation message after you activated Blog2Social Premium.
2018-03-22 10:39

Version 4.6 - New Social Network:, Define the Message Content for your Twitter Posts & Usability Updates

Update your Blog2Social to version 4.6 and increase your reach in East Europe and Russia by promoting your content on Select message content for your Twitter posts and benefit from usability add ons that improve Blog2Social’s user experience.

New social network: is one of the leading social networks worldwide. With over 410 million registered users and over 710 million hits per day, attracts a massive amount of traffic every single day. Similar to Facebook, allows you to stay connected and share your content on your profiles, pages and in groups. is the most used social network in Russia and other Post-Soviet states like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. When targeting an audience in these eastern European countries, is THE network to use.

Share on VK

With the new Blog2Social Release 4.6 you can now easily share your blog posts to your profiles, pages and groups on Auto post and re-share your blog posts to to keep your followers updated. Build your community on by auto posting valuable content, leaving you more free time to personally engage with your followers.
Drive more traffic to your blog by cross promoting your blog posts and creating valuable backlinks to push your blog’s ranking in search engines.

Learn more about How to connect my blog to VK for auto posting?


Define the message content for your Twitter posts

You can now define the message content for the pre-filled Twitter message that will be used for your post preview  and  for auto posting.
You can select to pre-fill your Twitter message with the:

  • Title
  • Title & Content
  • Content only

of your blog post.
If you ticked the box “include Wordpress tags as hashtags in my post”, hashtags will also be added to each message.  

To use this feature, go to Blog2Social -> Settings  -> General.

Usability updates

  • You can now see your scheduled posts in the social media calendar directly in your Blog2Social Dashboard
  • When enabling the Blog2Social auto poster in your WP post editing screen, you can now view your planned posts in the social media calendar
  • You can now enable “legacy mode” in the Blog2Social Settings. In Legacy mode, plugin contents are loaded one after the other (asynchronous loading) to relieve your blog’s hosting server
  • When deactivating Blog2Social in your plugin overview, you can choose whether you want to delete all scheduled posts or still have them go out as planned despite deactivating the plugin.
2018-01-30 13:30

Post to Facebook Public Groups without admin rights

You can now share your blog posts in Facebook public groups without the need to have admin rights in the respective groups.

To be able to post into a Facebook group, the following two things are important:

  1. The group has to be public. You can not post you blog posts to closed and secret groups.
  2. You have to be a member of the group to post there.

More information: How do I connect Blog2Social with Facebook groups?
2018-01-03 11:46

Version 4.5.1 released - Bugfix & visual update

We have released a new version of Blog2Social to ensure seamless functionality and enhanced usability.
Please, update to Blog2Social 4.5.1 to profit from new adjustments and keep your social media automation up and running smoothly:

- ensure a smooth functioning of the post format settings for Twitter.
- visual enhancements of the "Planned posts" & "Calendar" sections in Blog2Social's post menu  
- your active Blog2Social version is now better visible for you and highlighted in green, so you can easier check on your current user status.
- you can now activate instant caching

And please take a look at the new developments and settings for Instagram to re-connect your account:

2017-12-19 11:48