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Version 5.0.4 Network Format and Calendar Optimization

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.0.4 to benefit from network formatting optimizations and usability updates.

Network formatting optimizations

  • Share longer news on Google My Business: You can now share up to 1.500 characters on Google My Business.
  • Share longer news on LinkedIn: You can now share up to 1.300 characters on LinkedIn.
  • Improved formatting for your Instagram posts: You can now add paragraphs to your comment text on Instagram.

Usability optimization

  • Facebook Instant Sharing: Notification for image post format will now be displayed more prominently.


  • Deleting posts in the social media calendar now correctly deletes the posts from your scheduling.
  • Auto poster settings are now correctly applied for custom post types.
2018-11-19 13:19

Version 5.0.3 Usability-Update

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.0.3 to benefit from usability updates for a better user experience with the plugin Hummingbird.

  • Compatibility with Hummingbird established
  • Minor code optimization for the auto-poster for RSS imported posts
2018-11-13 11:56

Version 5.0.2 Usability-Update

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.0.2 to benefit from usability updates for a better user experience with the Gutenberg Editor and Facebook Instant Sharing.

  • Minor code optimization for Gutenberg Editor
  • Minor code optimization of Meta-Tags
  • Optimization of Facebook Instant Sharing: Special characters can now be used in   quotes for Facebook Instant Sharing
2018-10-22 16:59

Version 5.0 Content Curation: Share any post from any source

Update your Blog2Social to version 5.0 to use the new Content Curation feature to share any link from your favorite content sources on your social media accounts right from your WordPress dashboard. 5.0 also ensures compatibility with the Gutenberg Editor as well as advanced WooCommerce compatibility.

Content Curation is one of the key strategies used in social media marketing. Sharing third-party content will add more value and variations to your own content. Presenting relevant content from other sources will also help establish your social media accounts as a valuable resource for your particular field of expertise.

You can now automatically post and schedule curated content with Blog2Social, in addition to automating the social media marketing of your own blog posts.

Content Curation: Share any link with Blog2Social

Blog2Social 5.0 allows you to organize your whole social media marketing from your WordPress backend. You can now share any links you want with your followers on social media. Just take the link you would like to share and click on “Content Curation” in your Blog2Social dashboard.

Enter the link and choose to either use the quick post option to send your post to your standard social media accounts or individually customize and schedule your post just like your own blog posts.

Share your curated content immediately or schedule it for a later date.

>> Learn how to use the new Content Curation feature in Blog2Social.

Compatibility Updates

  • compatibility with Gutenberg editor established
  • advanced WooCommerce compatibility established

2018-09-18 09:37

Version 4.9.2 Usability Updates and Adaption to XING's new Code of Conduct

Update your Blog2Social to version 4.9.2 to benefit from usability updates for a better user experience. We have also adapted Blog2Social 4.9.2 to the new XING rules for cross-posting to make sure that your XING posts and scheduling activity will follow the rules to be accepted by XING.

Usability Updates

  • Filter scheduled social media posts in the social media calendar
  • Layout adjustment for pages and groups in the networks section
  • Workflow for editing another user’s posts improved
  • Social meta data feature improved

XING’s new Cross-Posting Rules

XING is a professional business platform for networking and communicating with peers, customers and business partners. Thus, the rules for sharing content are particularly strict.

XING’s new code of conduct for cross-posting allows to share the same content once on every XING page, once in one group and also in up to three other groups.

To make it easier for you to share and schedule your XING posts in accordance with the new rules, and to make sure your posts and scheduling activity will be accepted by XING, we have adapted the scheduling options in Blog2Social accordingly. Posts for XING pages and groups can now be scheduled for one specific date and time.

Learn more about the new guidelines and how to successfully post to XING groups.

Share and cross-post your content with individually tailored, unique posts for more engagement in XING groups.

Blog2Social provides you with a whole bunch of features for individually customized and tailored social media posts. With unique headlines, comments, and individual images, you can create a variety of unique social media posts that will enable you to share your messages across your XING communities. Unique and professionally adapted content is more likely to be considered as unique posts by XING and XING group admins and thus accepted for publishing. And, social media posts that are tailored for each community are more likely to get likes, shares, and engagement.

Learn how to customize your social media posts individually.

2018-08-21 16:42

Version 4.9.1 - Facebook Profile Changes - Introducing Facebook Instant Sharing

Update to Blog2Social version 4.9.1 to use the new Facebook Instant Sharing feature to share on Profiles, Pages and in Groups and Events!

As part of recent updates to the Facebook Platform Policies, Facebook introduced significant changes to the APIs that third-party programs, such as social media marketing tools, are using.

Due to Facebook’s API changes, starting on 1st August 2018, access to Personal Facebook Profiles has been severely restricted for all social media tools, so that automated posting on personal Facebook Profiles is no longer allowed with any social media tool or app. However, sharing your posts automatically on your Facebook Pages will still be possible with social media tools. Of course, Blog2Social will continue to support automated posting on Facebook Pages.

You can easily convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page.
>> Learn how to convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page and how you can benefit from the conversion

Facebook Instant Sharing

Sharing your posts on your Facebook Profile will still be possible with Blog2Social!

Facebook made these changes to ensure that communication on Facebook Profiles stays on a personal level. To help you keep sharing content with your followers, Blog2Social is now introducing Instant Sharing for Facebook.

Instant Sharing will not only let you share content on your Facebook Profile. You will also be able to share

  • on a Friend’s Timeline
  • in a Group
  • in an Event
  • on a Page you manage
  • in a Private Message

You will be able to

  • add @handles
  • tag friends
  • check in at a location
  • add Emotions/Activities
  • choose who should be able to see your post

>>Learn how to use all the new features of Facebook Instant Sharing including posting in events and groups!

You can still schedule your Facebook Profile posts with Blog2Social. After scheduling your posts, they will be listed in the “Scheduled Posts” tab on your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On your scheduled date, your posts will move to the “Instant Sharing” tab and you can click on “share” to send them to your Facebook Profile instantly. All scheduled posts for your personal Facebook Profiles with scheduled dates starting from 1st of August and later will automatically be turned into Facebook Instant Sharing posts.

2018-07-31 10:33

Version 4.9 - Share on your Google My Business listing and use links to track your engagement

Share your blog posts directly to your Google My Business listing [Premium Pro & Business]

Your Google My Business listing is your digital business card and can be a primary touchpoint when clients and prospects search for your company.

As soon as someone searches for your company on Google, your business listing appears in the top right-hand side of the search results and is the focus of attention. Presenting your latest posts from your business blog directly on your Google My Business listing allows you to draw attention before they even visit your site.

Share blog posts on your Google My Business listing with just one click directly from your WordPress dashboard. Your featured image will be converted to the right format automatically and a link to your blog post will be added.

Connect Google My Business with WordPress

Want to learn more about Google My Business?

>> Learn how to connect Google My Business with Blog2Social to post your blog posts on Google My Business. URL Shortener for your Social Media Posts

Make the most out of your social media marketing efforts by tracking your posted links with

Activate in the Blog2Social settings and link your account to Blog2Social to post links in your scheduled social media posts.

Use to track your engagement and see how your posts performed across all social media networks.

Activate the URL Shortner in Blog2Social

>>Learn how to use links for your social media posts

Usability updates

  • Improved usability in the planning overview for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Optimization for Safari Browser
  • Links to Twitter can now be sent as permalinks if the shortener is deactivated
2018-06-21 10:03

New Instagram Terms and Data Policy - please confirm

You can no longer connect your Instagram account to Blog2Social?

Instagram has introduced  new terms and data policy that requires your agreement before your can continue using Instagram. Before connecting Instagram to Blog2Social, please log into your Instagram account manually at or via the Instagram App.

Please confirm the data policy and log out from the desktop as well as from the Instagram APP.

Then go to your WordPress account and reconnect Instagram. Detailed instructions on how to connect Instagram can be found here:

2018-05-28 11:13