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Version 6.5.3 Usability fixes

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5.3 to make sure that you use the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social usability fixes. 


  • Adaptation of Twitter image transmission for image posts.

Now you can share up to four different images in a Twitter post with the image post type. While creating or editing the post with Blog2Social you choose images from your blog post or media gallery. Sharing more than one image improves the visibility of your content and it is also possible to share multiple images in a Facebook post. 

(Pro and Business version)

More information: Version 6.5.3 Usability fixes
2020-10-19 13:59

Version 6.5.2 Optimization of usability

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5.2 to make sure that you use the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social usability optimization. 

  • Hashtag/Keyword usage optimization 

The previous Blog2Social Hashtag settings are now replaced by the Hashtags option in the post templates. With this option, you can choose whether tags from your WordPress posts or pages can be used as hashtags in social media posts.

For Free customers this option is enabled by default. Pro and Business customers can customize this setting.  

  • Telegram is available in the Business Version 

The Instant Messenger Telegram is now available for the Business version of Blog2Social to broadcast content and messages automatically in Telegram Groups as well as Telegram Channels   

Additional improvements:

  • Optimization of Autoposter (M) settings:

WordPress admins can assign and transfer Autoposter settings to other users - Isolation of the initialization process

  • Isolation of the initialization process

More information: Version 6.5.2 Optimization of usability
2020-10-12 13:51

Version 6.5.1 Performance & usability fixes

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5.1 to make sure that you use the latest version available with the latest Blog2Social performance & usability fixes. 

  • Optimization of the hook filter class for image detection in text
  • Selection of subcategories in the list views 
  • Warning: "GetImageSize" (meta data determination) optimized
  • Display of special characters in the post-review mask in case of database coding changes

More information: Version 6.5.1 Performance & usability fixes
2020-10-01 12:06

Version 6.5 Telegram, multiple images, posting templates and Auto-Poster

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5 to share your posts in the Instant Messenger Telegram and to share multiple images on Facebook and Twitter. You can also now choose to exclude links automatically in your Facebook image posts and admins can assign their autoposter settings to other user accounts.

New Instant Messenger Telegram (Business)

Discover the magnificent features of the Telegram messenger! Telegram is a vital channel for connecting with people and broadcasting messages to a virtually unlimited audience.  With the Blog2Social interface, you are now able to connect Blog2Social with your Telegram groups and Telegram channels. This way you can automatically share blog posts in your Telegram channels as well as schedule posts and publish them to the dates you like. 

connect Telegram in B2S

>>> Get more information about Telegram and how to share posts to Telegram with Blog2Social.

Get more attention and vary your posts by sharing multiple images (Pro and Business Version)

With Blog2Social you can now share your WP blog posts with multiple images in the networks Facebook (pages and groups) and Twitter. You can do this by going to your Blog2Social Site & Blog Content and clicking on “Share on social media” at the post you’d like to share. When you edit the post you can choose up to 4 images from your blog post or media gallery. Sharing more than one image improves the visibility of your content. You can create image series, show sequences, and level up your storytelling.

share multiple images

>>> Get more information about how to share multiple images in one post.

Post Templates: Share your Facebook image posts without the link  (Premium)

With the Blog2Social post templates, you can individualize your social media posts for each network. The post template settings now also provide you with the option to exclude your links automatically in your Facebook image posts by clicking the check-box you can see below:

Share posts from other authors automatically with your Auto-Poster settings (Business)

With the new version, WordPress admins can transfer the Auto-Poster settings to other users. This way, WordPress-administrators assign social media channels to other WordPress authors, where they can auto-post without having to create the network connection themselves. Within these settings, the WordPress-administrator decides whether newly published or updated content from other WordPress-authors should be automatically shared. WordPress-authors with assigned Auto-Poster settings and an assigned social-media-network group will then share content automatically, like  the WordPress-administrator selected the content to be shared automatically. 

>>> Get more information about how to assign your auto poster settings in Blog2Social.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You now get more information about the Open Graph Tag “og:image” for Facebook: the “og:image:width” and “og:image:height”.
  • Google My Business: You can choose between several locations if your company is registered for different location groups in Google My Business and if these locations are verified.
  • Post Template:
    • The {EXCERPT} will be adapted correctly to the character limits of each network.
    • Medium: You can now also share the  {CONTENT} besides the {TITLE}.
  • Tab “Site & Blog Content”:
    • You can now filter the “Scheduled Posts” and  “Shared Posts” by social networks.
    • You can also filter your drafts by a time period.
  • Re-Share Poster:  You can now filter the Re-share poster by posts with images.
  • Compatibility: Blog2Social is now compatible with the "WP Automatic Plugin".
  • In WordPress, a subcategory can be created for another subcategory and assigned to a blog post. These different subcategories will be recognized now as filters in Blog2Social.
  • Blog2Social settings “"Add Wordpress Tags as hashtags": Free and Smart license users have this option enabled by default in their network-templates to set the tags from WordPress posts automatically. Users that were using Blog2social Free and Smart licenses on previous Blog2Social versions still have the option to keep their keyword configuration like it was configured before the Blog2Social version 6.5.0.
  • Hooks: The hooks "Filters & Actions" have been extended by the image filter. You can now change images with this filter function.
2020-09-29 15:15

Version 6.4 Posting Templates and Dynamic Previews

Update Blog2Social to version 6.4 to use posting templates for all your social networks to individually customize the layout of the post format for your social media posts. Check your template settings with a dynamic preview of your posts.

Posting Templates: Customize the layout of the post format for all social media networks (Premium)

You can now use posting templates to individually customize your default format for all social media networks. You can now save your individual layout settings as default and select your settings to share your social media posts faster with individually tailored posts on each social network.

Change your post format, select the parameters for your text, add general hashtags, and more!

To define your default settings for a specific social network, click on the “Edit Post Format” Button on the Blog2Social “Networks” panel.

>> Learn how to customize and apply post templates for your social media posts.

Please note: As Instagram does not activate URL links in comments as clickable links,  URL links are no longer added to your post with the default Instagram template.  However,, the template settings now provide you with the option to include your links automatically in your Instagram posts by clicking the check-box you can see below:

Dynamic preview of your posting template settings

To check your settings, a new dynamic preview will show you how your posts will look when shared with the new customized template. The preview of your posting template now changes in real-time, when you change the settings of your post template.

Blog2Social will display the content of  your latest post in the preview as an example to show how your post will look with your customized settings.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You can now filter your blog posts by main categories and subcategories in the overview for your “Website & Blog Content” .
  • You can now correctly filter by “shared by user”, when you open the post overview in the calendar.
  • You can now use a “b2s_filter_wp_post_hashtag” hook for hashtags in Blog2Social.
  • Blog2Social now cuts the pre-filled comment text correctly after a full sentence in XING posts.
  • Posting templates are now correctly applied by the autoposter.

2020-06-10 10:45

Version 6.3 Blog2Social Community and Automatic Retweets

Update Blog2Social to version 6.3 to join the Blog2Social Community and share your tweets across your Twitter profiles with automatic retweets.

Blog2Social Community

Update your Blog2Social to 6.3 to join the Blog2Social Community. Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of Blog2Social users from all around the world and share your own expertise in the new Blog2Social Community. Find all the information you need in one place and save valuable time by connecting with other users to discuss common questions.  

To join the community, create your personal community account in your Blog2Social Plugin in your WordPress backend. Just go to Blog2Social “Help & Community”, enter your preferred username, your email address, and a password, and you are done!

We hope to see you soon in the Blog2Social Community!

Twitter Autopost Retweets

Many of you have more than one Twitter profile and asked us for options to share content on multiple Twitter accounts. The Twitter terms of service only allow to share original content on one profile. However, retweets are allowed to cross-share content on multiple accounts. You can now easily share your post across your Twitter accounts with automatic retweets.

Define a network collection with your Twitter profiles to share your content in your Blog2Social Autoposter settings. Then select the Twitter profile for your original content (main Twitter profile). Blog2Social will now automatically retweet your original tweet on all your selected  Twitter profiles in your selected network collection for all your auto-posted content.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • Re-share feature improved: There are now separate notifications for “no posts found” and “posts are already in queue”.
  • Optimized post filter options: Posts are now correctly sorted in the calendar view; posts that were scheduled but deleted are now correctly listed as “not yet shared”; you can now also see posts from subcategories.
  • LinkedIn now correctly takes the og:image for your posts, rather than the oEmbed tag image if you select the option in the settings.
  • If your blog post does not have a featured image, the re-share feature now searches for an alternative image in your post or page and takes this image.
  • The notification for the autoposter limit (for imported posts only) now correctly disappears after 24h.
  • You can now use the “Create Social Media Posts” feature for XING profiles and pages.
  • Blog2Social  notifications for Facebook now offer additional tips on how to fix your connection.
  • We added a social media networks overview for the Autoposter, Re-Share and create social media posts feature, so you can see exactly which social networks can be used for which feature.
  • Profile selection for the autoposter optimized.
2020-05-12 12:39

Version 6.2 Re-share your posts automatically

Update Blog2Social to version 6.2 to re-schedule and re-share your blog content automatically. Use the Sniply URL shortener and benefit from more enhanced usability features.

Re-share your posts automatically (Premium: Smart, Pro & Business)

Keep your social media feed updated automatically with awesome content and save valuable time by reviving your evergreen content regularly.
Automate your resharing process with Blog2Social, so you can use your time to create new content and interact with your community.

Select which blog posts, pages or custom post types you would like to revive, as well as the time and interval and Blog2Social fills your social media feeds automatically for you.

>>Learn how to automatically re-share your posts.

URL-Shortener Sniply

You can now connect Sniply to Blog2Social to automatically share Sniply links with all your social media posts. The popular URL shortener allows you to create a snip with a call-to-action that will be attached to your link and displayed on the linked site as a small overlay box. This enables you to include a call-to-action with every link you share, even with curated content.

Use Sniply to increase conversions from every piece of content you share. You can drive traffic to your website, landing page, customer service and more.

It’s easy: Connect your Sniply account to Blog2Social. Select your brand and your CTA snip and Blog2Social will automatically attach your Sniply short links to your social media posts.

>> Learn how to use Sniply with Blog2Social and how to create snips with CTAs for your short links.

Please note: Please create at least one brand and one CTA in your Sniply account to connect Sniply to Blog2Social successfully.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You can now see when you last shared a post in the “Favorites” tab.
  • Auto-Posting settings are now also displayed in the sidebar.
  • Filter options in the “Site & Blog Content” section now stay applied when you click on a different tab.
  • Auto-Poster for imported posts: You can now post more than 10 posts for Google My Business, as long as they are within your autoposts per day/user (25 for Smart, 50 for Pro, 100 for Business).
  • Best Times will now correctly load for XING.
  • The social media calendar will now correctly show the right post format for Instagram.
  • Posting Templates will now only be applied for other users if the option is checked while sharing a social media account.
  • You can now correctly plan your post in the “Create Social Media Post” section, after changing the post format.
  • Pinterest: You can now change your pinboard for already scheduled posts. Furthermore, Blog2Social now creates titles for your pins.
  • WordPress tags for custom post types can now be used to automatically generate hashtags with Blog2Social.
  • Troubleshooting tool update: You can now check database rights with the troubleshooting tool.

2020-03-10 13:22

Version 6.1 Revised Autoposter, URL Parameters, Rebrandly, Custom URLs in Bitly and Link Posts for VK

Update Blog2Social to version 6.1 to benefit from a revised version of the social media autoposter, use URL parameters to track your link performance, use custom short links with Bitly and Rebrandly, use the link post format for VK and much more.

Social Media Autoposter Revised (Premium: Smart, Pro & Business)

Setting up and working with the auto poster for your social media posts is easier and faster than ever with the new revised auto poster settings:

- One-step to set up all standard (default) settings for auto-posting of your WP posts and imported posts:

  • Select your default social media network collection for autoposting.
  • Define your default time settings for autoposting your social media posts: immediately after publishing or at your best time settings for each network.
  • Select whether the autoposter should automatically publish only newly created or also updated articles on the social media.
  • Select for which WordPress post type the autoposter should be used.

 -A preview of your auto poster settings on the sidebar of each post shows you:

  • Your current default settings for autoposting (see above).
  • How many times this post has been shared.
    The date, when his post was last shared.
  • Advanced setting options to change your current settings for this post.
  • If you don’t need to make any changes for your current post, your post will be shared automatically according to your default setting.

- All default settings and changes will also be saved with your drafts.

Go to Blog2Social -> Settings -> Auto-Posting to set up your default setting for autoposting.

Learn more about the autoposter.
Learn more about auto posting imported posts.

New URL Shortener Rebrandly & Custom URLs for Bitly and Rebrandly

With Blog2Social 6.1 you can now also use Rebrandly to shorten your post URL that is automatically integrated into your social media posts.

URL shorteners like Rebrandly or Bitly help you keep your posts short and simple. They make sure that your links take up less of your valuable space and give you more characters to add hashtags or tag users.

Another big benefit of shortened URLs is the ability to track your link performance. Using a URL shortener like Rebrandly or Bitly enables you to track your traffic and collect information like CTR, geographic locations of viewers, the social networks they found you on and much more. You can review some of these stats for free to improve your social media strategy or use advanced reporting options with the Premium service.

Learn how to use the URL shortener Rebrandly for your social media strategy.
Learn how to track the performance of your blog posts on social media with Bitly.

Custom URLs

With Rebrandly and Bitly, you can also create professional-looking links that are customized to your brand. While normal short links don’t convey your brand name, custom short links let people know which website they are about to enter.
If you have linked your website to your Rebrandly or Bitly account to create these custom URLs, Blog2Social will automatically take your branded link when shortening links for your social media posts.

URL Parameters: Use UTM and Other Parameters to Track Your Link Performance (Business version)

Do you know how effective your online marketing campaigns are? Can you say which social media channel generated the most traffic for your last promotion? Tracking the performance of your marketing success is a vital part of online marketing.
By tracking which posts get the most clicks from which source, you can identify the best way to address your targets on each marketing channel with your brand messages.

This is where URL parameters come in: URL parameters are short text strings that are added to the end of a URL with the purpose of tracking how often and by whom that link is clicked.

The most popular method of tracking link performance with URL parameters is the use of Google Analytics’ UTM parameters.

You can now add URL parameters to individual links or set default parameters for each social media connection or all connections.

Learn how to use Google Analytics UTM parameters as URL parameters with Blog2Social.

VK Link Post Format (Premium: Smart, Pro & Business)

You can now choose the post format for your social media posts on the popular Russian social network VK (

A link post focuses on your link and your post content. When using the link post format the social networks automatically generate a link preview from your meta tags or Open Graph parameters.
Use the link post format to lead your readers to your blog, website or online shop by giving them a preview of your content.
Learn more about the link post format and how to use it for your posts.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You can now connect and post to Tumblr side blogs.
  • See more posts at once: You can now decide whether you want to see 25, 50 or 100 posts in your “Share Website & Blog Content” section.
  • Find out who shared what: Select users to see all the posts they have shared.
  • Images are now correctly displayed in the post preview on Torial.
  • Individual best time settings are now correctly loaded.
  • You can now use bold and italic to format your text in the HTML Editor for Torial Tumblr and Medium.
  • OG titles tags will now be correctly set for scheduled WordPress posts.

2020-01-27 10:53