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Version 6.9: Social Media Metrics BETA and more

Social Media Metrics (Business)

A frequently requested feature of many Blog2Social users is the option to track and analyze the performance of  the shared social media posts directly in Blog2Social. We have taken your request to heart and proudly pronounce to have just released a beta version of social media metrics.

With the social media metrics, you can analyze the performance of your social media posts and use these social signals to optimize your posting strategy to reach your audience and to get better results for your social media posts.

The beta version of social media metrics can be tested by users with a Business license. After the initial beta phase, the social media metrics module will be available for all users as an add-on to your current license (pricing plans will follow).

More improvements and tweaks:

  • Post Templates: For Instagram Business, you can select whether your image should be cropped for the network or whether the image should be shared with a white frame. If you like to share the image with a frame, you can now use a color picker and change the color of the frame.
  • Open Graph Tags: The specification of the Open Graph Tags has been extended by the tag "og:image:alt" in order to pass the alt text that was defined for the image. Among other things, this is intended to improve accessibility for the blind. This specification was also adapted for Twitter Cards.
  • Filteroptions for your site and blog content: Under the menu item "Site & Blog Content" you can filter your posts according to the network on which they were shared. For this filter, the networks "Instapaper" and "Ravelry" were added. 

More information: FAQ News2022-11-28 16:17
Version 6.9.5: Share multiple-image posts on Instagram and more

Share up to 10 images in one post on Instagram (Pro & Business)

You can now share your social media posts with multiple images on Instagram with Blog2Social. Sharing multiple images can make you content more attractive and you get more attention for your post. The possibilities are endless in terms of creating image series, showing sequences, and leveling up your storytelling.

>> Learn more about how to share multiple images in one post.

Note: You can also share multiple image-posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Check-it out.

Bug fixes/ usability improvements:

Blog2Social plugin code optimization/revision on behalf of WordPress for an improved usability.

More information: Version 6.9.5: Share multiple-image posts on Instagram and more 2022-11-28 16:16
Version 6.9.3: Multiple images on LinkedIn, Twitter thread support, and more

Share multiple images on LinkedIn (Pro & Business)

With Blog2Social you can now share your social media posts with multiple images on LinkedIn. Sharing more than one image improves the visibility of your content. You can create image series, show sequences, and level up your storytelling.

>> Learn more about how to share multiple images in one post on LinkedIn.

Twitter thread support (Smart, Pro & Business)

A thread is a series of related tweets that originate from the same person. This way you can provide additional context, an update or a more detailed argument. With the latest update of Blog2Social, you can share a tweet that has more than 280 characters. Above 280 characters, the tweet will be split into a separate text and posted as a reply to the previous tweet (i.e. as a thread).

Optimized social media management: All your social media posts in one place

Managing all your social media content has never been easier with Blog2Social. You can share your WordPress content (posts, pages, and products) as well as create social media posts consisting of links, images, text and videos from other sources (Premium). To make this even easier for you, we have assembled all sharing options in one single dashboard, that you will now find in the Blog2Social menu via “Social Media Posts”.

More improvements and tweaks:

  • Save your posts as drafts: When you create a social media post with Blog2Social, you can save it as a draft, including the images and text. With the latest update, the social media networks you select for the post are also saved with your post.
  • "Filter by Date" functionality for social media metrics (Business): With Blog2Social you can now try out the social media metrics and track the performance of your social media posts that you have shared with Blog2Social. Under "Social Media Metrics" you can sort the tracked posts by date. For a better selection of the time span, the calendar has been revised.
  • Legacy mode: The legacy mode is used to reduce the load on the website server. This way plugins are loaded one after the other. When the legacy mode is activated (under "Settings"), the Open Graph Tags are now automatically deactivated in order to further relieve the website server. The Open Graph tags can be reactivated manually under "Settings -> Social Meta Data".

Bug fixes/ usability improvements:

  • Networks -> Post Templates: When you change post templates settings and you click on "Save", the window now closes automatically.
  • Adjustment of hints for the Open Graph tags.
  • Free Version: Adjustment of the display how many network connections are available.
  • Xing: If the connection is interrupted, a note is displayed under "Networks" that the connection must be renewed.

More information: 2022-03-30 08:46

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