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Version 7.3.2: Instagram Stories, Post Videos to LinkedIn Profiles and Create X (Twitter) Threads

Share Your Stories on Instagram

You can now post your stories to Instagram with Blog2Social! Either navigate to your WordPress media library to upload it, or head straight to the "Share Video" tab in your dashboard to get started. Select "Share as Story" when posting your video to Instagram. You can post your story right away or schedule it for a later time as you would do with any other video post. Blog2Social will publish your story at your set time.

Please note that if you want to share your video as a story to Instagram, no text is necessary for posting, and will not appear on the video when you post it.


Post Videos to LinkedIn Profile

Post videos to your personal LinkedIn profile page! Share engaging videos not only to your LinkedIn business pages but to your profile as well - straight from your Blog2Social dashboard. Simply select your profile from the network overview. Post your video immediately or schedule it for the best time.

If you haven’t connected to a LinkedIn profile yet, you can do so in your network settings.
>> Find out how to connect your LinkedIn profile <<
>> Learn more about how to share videos and stories with Blog2Social <<


Create X (Twitter) Threads

On X (formerly Twitter) you can share posts exceeding 280 characters as threaded posts, allowing your followers to read your message in its entirety. Easily create and manage your X threads with Blog2Social. To activate this function, select the check box at the bottom of the text field for X in the post preview editor or as a default setting in your post templates for X. Blog2Social will then separate your copy into X posts (of a maximum of 280 characters each) automatically. Optionally, place dividers within the text field to decide where one X post in the thread ends and the next begins, ensuring your message remains coherent.
>> How do I create and share a thread on X (Twitter)? <<

2023-10-02 16:23
Version 7.3: Multiple Twitter Apps, Twitter API for FREE, Custom Permalinks for Scheduled Posts

Connect More Twitter APIs for Your Twitter Accounts (Pro & Business)

Since the last release you have been able to share on Twitter with Blog2Social through your own Twitter API. With the current release you can now add multiple Twitter API apps to manage multiple Twitter accounts! PRO users can connect up to 3 and BUSINESS users up to 5 additional apps with a unique Twitter API key. Should you need even more app connections, you can purchase additional app add-ons for $24/year per app per year for your Business license. 

» How to get your own Twitter API keys and set up a connection to Blog2Social

Keep Tweeting with Blog2Social (Free)

As a FREE user you can now reconnect your Twitter account to Blog2Social to keep tweeting! All you need is a Twitter API key, which allows Blog2Social to create a secure and unique connection with your Twitter account. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through obtaining the API key with detailed instructions. Once you’ve added the key to your Blog2Social settings, you can effortlessly schedule and share your content.

» How to set up a connection from Blog2Social to Twitter using your own API

Use Custom Permalinks for Sharing Scheduled Posts

When you schedule unpublished blog posts for social media sharing, WordPress generates technical links that might look like “yourwebsite.com/?p=123” for these unpublished posts. This ensures accurate redirection of the link to the appropriate webpage once the post is officially published. The new option enables you to replace these default links with more engaging and distinctive, “talking” URLs, for instance your blog’s title  “yourwebsite.com/[blog-post-name]”. Please follow the instructions below carefully when using this option.

» Learn more about how to use and activate customized permalinks for sharing your scheduled posts

Further Tweaks

  • Optimized notifications
  • Optimized usability for Auto-Poster

Enjoy Blog2Social 7.3 and happy sharing!

2023-08-30 10:22
Version 7.2: New Twitter API, Twitter Threads, New options for autoposting and reposting

Re-connect your Twitter Account with your unique Twitter API key (Premium)

Twitter has implemented new terms of service for all users of social media tools, which include a pricing plan. The latest Blog2Social update allows you to reconnect your Twitter account with the flexibility to choose a Twitter plan that best suits your needs. All that's required is a so-called API key from Twitter, which enables Blog2Social to create a unique connection with your Twitter account.

>>How to reconnect your Twitter account using your own API

Twitter Threads (Premium)

Blog2Social allows you to share your tweets with more than 280 characters as Threads, which will display your text in a series of connected Tweets. You can activate Twitter Threads in the Post-Templates for your Twitter post. Your Twitter posts longer than 280 characters will then automatically be published in multiple tweets as a thread.

New options for auto-posting and reposting (Premium)

LinkedIn support: The auto-poster for imported posts now includes LinkedIn so you can maximize your reach.

Repost function: Automatically repost your posts within 24 or 48 hours. Choose the time frame you want (1 time or 2 times) and present your content in the best possible way.

Post templates for imported posts: Now you can create post templates also for imported posts, so you can create a unique look and feel for all your content.

Delay setting: You can optionally set a time delay for the auto-poster and optimize the publishing of your posts.

Re-Poster: The Re-Poster has been improved and now allows you to optionally filter posts by specific tags. Repost only posts that contain specific tags and increase the relevance of your content.

Titles for Social Media Posts

The input screen for social media posts has been optimized and enhanced with a title field. Use this feature to optimize the appearance of your posts on platforms like Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Medium.

Further Tweaks

  • Share ALT-Tags for images
  • Optimized view of available videos for sharing
  • Optimized links to drafts, shared and scheduled posts
  • New filters for scheduled Social Media Posts: first published & last published

Happy Sharing!

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