Visual content will continue to be the main driver for engagement on all social networks. Visuals grab the attention and get more likes and shares than pure text messages. However, image sizes and formats are forever changing, as social media platforms quickly evolve. The following social media size guide for the best image sizes will keep you up-to-date.

“The Social Media Size Guide” below shows to you what the best image sizes are for all major social media platforms. So you can start optimizing right away.

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Social Media Size Guide

Easily manage and share your images with the best size across social platforms with Blog2Social

It’s hard work to create an image and resize this image for re-using it on each social platform. It’s also time-consuming to create tailored posts and to share them manually on each platform. Blog2Social adapts your images automatically to the best size for each social network. You can also use the image post option to select individual images for each platform. You can also select multiple images for one post. Blog2Social will then share all social media posts automatically with tailored posts across your selected social platforms, at once or at whatever time your posts are scheduled.

Blog2Social simplifies social media management by providing you with multiple options to schedule and share your posts, visuals, links, and messages. You can select or draft your social media posts and schedule them at the best times to share your posts on each network automatically.

Quickly create, organize, edit, draft and publish your content directly from your WordPress dashboard or via a web app to deliver visually engaging posts for any connected social network.

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