7 Essential Marketing Tools For Bloggers

7 Essential Marketing Tools For Bloggers

Find out about 7 smart basic tools for better marketing your blog

Your every day blogging life will be packed with your basic work on creating, writing and editing great content and will look something like this:

  • Creating a content idea for a valuable article
  • Composing and writing your post
  • Visualizing your content with images, infographics or photos
  • Formatting and optimizing your post for readability and SEO
  • Scheduling and publishing your post
  • Sharing your post on social media
  • Analyzing your post stats and activities

But that still does not include the general content planning, editing, scheduling and sharing recurring updates on social media, content seeding and promoting your content, networking and engaging with your readers and followers, which will take up most of your time. A packed to do list will give you less time for the basics. However, there are thousands of useful marketing tools and plugins to help you with your daily work: content creation and graphics, sharing and promoting your content and analyzing your performance.

We have tested hundreds of marketing tools ourselves and picked out 7 really useful ones. See for yourself and give us your feedback. We would be happy to share your experience.

Best of marketing tools for bloggers

1. Marketing Tools for Creative Content: Content Idea Generator (free)

Brainstorming content and coming up with really catchy titles for your blogs posts can become a tought business sometimes. There will be days when you run out of ideas.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a very creative blog title idea generator. If you enter a keyword the tool will come out with some serious, some fun and some cheeky suggestions. Though you should not take it too serious, it is worth giving a try, especially if you have a bad day or a serious writing blockade. However, the tool will inspire you and brighten up your day.

Marketing Tools: creative content creator for blog titles
creative content creator for blog titles

2. Marketing Tools for Images and Graphics: Canva (free & premium)

Using stunning graphics in your blog posts can have a huge impact on the performance of your content. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared and posts with graphics encourage 3.2 times more engagement such as likes, comments and clicks for your blog posts on social media.

Canva helps you with creating images for your blog posts and social media. Canva offers a huge variety of templates, layouts, photos and icons you can use to create professional looking images and infographics. We also use Pictochart and Easi.ly, but most of our creative work is done with Canva.

Marketing Tools for Images and Graphics: Canva Dashboard
Marketing Tools for Images and Graphics: Canva Dashboard

3. Marketing Tools for Social Sharing and Cross-Promotion: Blog2Social (free & premium)

Once you have published a new post, you will want to share it to your social media channels in order to get more outreach for your content. You can do this manually or automate it. Blog2Social is a very powerful and sophisticated tool to share and cross-promote your blog posts to your social media channels, directly from the dashboard. The plugin allows you to auto-post or to customize your posts individually and to schedule your posts to be shared at the best times to post on each network.

The plugin auto-posts your blog posts to Facebook (profiles, pages), Twitter, Google+ (profiles, pages, groups), LinkedIn (profiles, pages), XING (profiles, pages, groups), Diigo, Delicious, to Tumblr, Medium, Torial for re-publishing your post, as well as your images on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest. You may also re-post old post and pre-schedule your scheduled post for auto-posting.

This plugin really saves a lot of time and legwork every time you publish a new post and helps you to get more outreach for your post in less time.

Marketing Tools for Social Sharing; Blog2Social Dashboard
Marketing Tools for Social Sharing; Blog2Social Dashboard

Blog2Social is free to use it for auto-sharing your posts to social media but you might also find it worth to try the premium version for the more elaborate features, starting from $49 per year.

Get the free Blog2Social plugin for your blog. You can also test the premium version in a free 30 day trial.

4. Marketing Tools for Sticky Content: Content Aware Sidebars (free & professional plan) 

Once traffics starts flowing to your blog, you want your vistors to sty as long as possible on your site. One option is to present sticky content to your readers.

The Content Aware Sidebars plugin lets you display custom sidebars on any post, page or category of your blog. This helps you to displaying content specific adds or offers to your sidebar for different contexts. The sidebar manager lets you create post sidebars, page sidebars, category sidebars and more.

Marketing tools for sticky content: Content Aware Sidebars dashboard
Marketing tools for sticky content: Content Aware Sidebars dashboard

Get the Content Aware Sidebars plugin for your blog.

5. Marketing Tools for Optin Forms: OptinMonster (paid)

If you don’t have an email marketing solution in place, this plugin is a good place to start converting visitors into subscribers. A more elaborate way to catch your readers is to put up some sophisticated action triggered optin forms. This plugin is a great list building, lead generating and conversion tool. It allows you create beautiful forms, including pop-ups, sidebar forms, footer bars, floating headers, slide ins and action triggered forms. The exit intent pop-up allows you to catch your visitors before leaving your site. The plugin is lightweight, modular and very easy to grasp. All of the forms are mobile friendly and responsive, increasing your chance of capturing smartphone and tablet users.

Marketing Tools for Optin Forms: OptinMonster Example Form
Marketing Tools for Optin Forms: OptinMonster Example Form

The plugin is part of the Optin Monster web service and starts from $49 per month.

Get the Optin Monster plugin for your blog.

6. Marketing Tools for Leadgeneration: Leadpages (paid)

Leadpages is one of the most popular lead generation solution. The plugin lets you easily integrate powerful landing pages on your blog. Leadpages lets you create professional looking landing pages, optin subscription pages, thank you pages and many more.

Marketing Tools for Leadgeneration: Leadpages
Marketing Tools for Leadgeneration: Leadpages

The plugin starts at $25 per month.

Get the Leadpages plugin for your blog.

7. Marketing Tools for Website Analytics: Crazy Egg (paid)

Crazy egg is an online tool to visualize where your visitors click. If you are inclined to find out the behavior of your blog visitors the tool helps you to improving your websites’ conversion. Real-time analysis and insights ranging from heat maps to scroll maps show you how your visitors move on your site and give you important insights to enhance your site to improve your audiences’ experience on your site.

Crazyegg - Analyse your Site with Heatmaps
Crazyegg – Analyse your site with heatmaps

Wrap up:

Let us know what you think. What are your favorites and what other tools work best for you? Please share your experience in a comment on this post.

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