The Social Media Report 2024 provides you with current social media statistics and detailed insights into the most popular social platforms.

Monthly Active Users in Social Media in 2024

Social Media Report 2024

Social Media User Statistics [Infographic]

The following infographic shows current statistics about the most popular social networks ranked by number of active users.

Social Media Users – Source: Social Media Report 2024

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Monthly active users in social media are an insightful metric to keep an eye on in terms of user retention and growth. This number shows you the potential of a social network and lets you keep track of it. However, don’t get stuck on that number. It’s only one aspect that informs your social media marketing! With the right strategy, you can increase your engagement and grow your business with social media. Social media management tools like Blog2Social help you save time on posting and scheduling, so you can focus on analyzing your metrics. Grab your Social Media Statistics 2024: Monthly Active Users down below and step up your social media game now!
The Social Media Report 2024 with monthly Active Users

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