Version 6.5 Telegram, multiple images, posting templates and Auto-Poster

Update Blog2Social to version 6.5 to share your posts in the Instant Messenger Telegram and to share multiple images on Facebook and Twitter. You can also now choose to exclude links automatically in your Facebook image posts and admins can assign their autoposter settings to other user accounts.

New Instant Messenger Telegram (Business)

Discover the magnificent features of the Telegram messenger! Telegram is a vital channel for connecting with people and broadcasting messages to a virtually unlimited audience.  With the Blog2Social interface, you are now able to connect Blog2Social with your Telegram groups and Telegram channels. This way you can automatically share blog posts in your Telegram channels as well as schedule posts and publish them to the dates you like. 

connect Telegram in B2S

>>> Get more information about Telegram and how to share posts to Telegram with Blog2Social.

Get more attention and vary your posts by sharing multiple images (Pro and Business Version)

With Blog2Social you can now share your WP blog posts with multiple images in the networks Facebook (pages and groups) and Twitter. You can do this by going to your Blog2Social Site & Blog Content and clicking on “Share on social media” at the post you’d like to share. When you edit the post you can choose up to 4 images from your blog post or media gallery. Sharing more than one image improves the visibility of your content. You can create image series, show sequences, and level up your storytelling.

share multiple images

>>> Get more information about how to share multiple images in one post.

Post Templates: Share your Facebook image posts without the link  (Premium)

With the Blog2Social post templates, you can individualize your social media posts for each network. The post template settings now also provide you with the option to exclude your links automatically in your Facebook image posts by clicking the check-box you can see below:

Share posts from other authors automatically with your Auto-Poster settings (Business)

With the new version, WordPress admins can transfer the Auto-Poster settings to other users. This way, WordPress-administrators assign social media channels to other WordPress authors, where they can auto-post without having to create the network connection themselves. Within these settings, the WordPress-administrator decides whether newly published or updated content from other WordPress-authors should be automatically shared. WordPress-authors with assigned Auto-Poster settings and an assigned social-media-network group will then share content automatically, like  the WordPress-administrator selected the content to be shared automatically. 

>>> Get more information about how to assign your auto poster settings in Blog2Social.

More Improvements and Tweaks:

  • You now get more information about the Open Graph Tag “og:image” for Facebook: the “og:image:width” and “og:image:height”.
  • Google My Business: You can choose between several locations if your company is registered for different location groups in Google My Business and if these locations are verified.
  • Post Template:
    • The {EXCERPT} will be adapted correctly to the character limits of each network.
    • Medium: You can now also share the  {CONTENT} besides the {TITLE}.
  • Tab “Site & Blog Content”:
    • You can now filter the “Scheduled Posts” and  “Shared Posts” by social networks.
    • You can also filter your drafts by a time period.
  • Re-Share Poster:  You can now filter the Re-share poster by posts with images.
  • Compatibility: Blog2Social is now compatible with the "WP Automatic Plugin".
  • In WordPress, a subcategory can be created for another subcategory and assigned to a blog post. These different subcategories will be recognized now as filters in Blog2Social.
  • Blog2Social settings “"Add Wordpress Tags as hashtags": Free and Smart license users have this option enabled by default in their network-templates to set the tags from WordPress posts automatically. Users that were using Blog2social Free and Smart licenses on previous Blog2Social versions still have the option to keep their keyword configuration like it was configured before the Blog2Social version 6.5.0.
  • Hooks: The hooks "Filters & Actions" have been extended by the image filter. You can now change images with this filter function.
Last update: 2020-09-29 15:15
Author: Blog2Social

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