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Version 4.9.1 - Facebook Profile Changes - Introducing Facebook Instant Sharing

Update to Blog2Social version 4.9.1 to use the new Facebook Instant Sharing feature to share on Profiles, Pages and in Groups and Events!

As part of recent updates to the Facebook Platform Policies, Facebook introduced significant changes to the APIs that third-party programs, such as social media marketing tools, are using.

Due to Facebook’s API changes, starting on 1st August 2018, access to Personal Facebook Profiles has been severely restricted for all social media tools, so that automated posting on personal Facebook Profiles is no longer allowed with any social media tool or app. However, sharing your posts automatically on your Facebook Pages will still be possible with social media tools. Of course, Blog2Social will continue to support automated posting on Facebook Pages.

You can easily convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page.
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Facebook Instant Sharing

Sharing your posts on your Facebook Profile will still be possible with Blog2Social!

Facebook made these changes to ensure that communication on Facebook Profiles stays on a personal level. To help you keep sharing content with your followers, Blog2Social is now introducing Instant Sharing for Facebook.

Instant Sharing will not only let you share content on your Facebook Profile. You will also be able to share

  • on a Friend’s Timeline
  • in a Group
  • in an Event
  • on a Page you manage
  • in a Private Message

You will be able to

  • add @handles
  • tag friends
  • check in at a location
  • add Emotions/Activities
  • choose who should be able to see your post

>>Learn how to use all the new features of Facebook Instant Sharing including posting in events and groups!

You can still schedule your Facebook Profile posts with Blog2Social. After scheduling your posts, they will be listed in the “Scheduled Posts” tab on your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On your scheduled date, your posts will move to the “Instant Sharing” tab and you can click on “share” to send them to your Facebook Profile instantly. All scheduled posts for your personal Facebook Profiles with scheduled dates starting from 1st of August and later will automatically be turned into Facebook Instant Sharing posts.

Last update: 2018-07-31 10:33
Author: Blog2Social

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