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Blog2Social saves your time and prevents you from this sharing-pain like Chris Abraham says. And it does so much more for you. But on this side we do not want to share our view on our social media tool, but give our users and friends the opportunity to do so. Here please find a selection of reviews.

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Blog2Social has been an excellent alternative to hootsuite or buffer

Very happy with the Blog2social plugin. It is well designed and has actually stirred some ideas on how to etter manage our social media. Highly recommended.

amazing. what I was looking for. I can't thank the team enough for all the work they have put in.

excellent plugin. Blog2Social is the best plugin to use with WordPress to publish on social networks. Thank you developers.

outstanding customer support - great product with really excellent customer support. They are really responsive and helpful and managed to resolve my issue very quickly.

Blog2social review: Blog2Social is the best autosharing plugin in the world

We would like to thank Francesco Palmieri from @CeotechI for the positive feedback on our plugin “Blog2Social” and the great collaboration.
We’re looking forward to future projects!

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„Blog2Social Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler is a unique and interesting social media plugin with a lot of options“ as Sonu Sharma says.

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excellent support, easy to set up, five stars

excellent plugin during corona it has really helped us

So far Blog2Social has none of the problems I had with the other plugin. Good job!

I am ecstatic that I finally found a plugin that allows me to share my posts on Instagram as well.

I has lots of social networks and in 2 clicks I can share a post to my social channels.

I was not a big fan of social media marketing until I found Blog2Social.

findlay62 on WordPress

The reason why I recommend Blog2Social over SNAP is support. Support is non existing in SNAP, and you will often encounter issues for which you will rarely get help or answers to your support ticket. While for Blog2Social I have used support several times, and they have always replied in a timely manner and helped solve the issue.

Matija from Kasa Reviews

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munkyhead86 on WordPress

@ragnar84 on WordPress

mrcicx on WordPress

airstreamaero on WordPress

Tutorial on how to increase website traffic with Blog2Social by Debra Sherman on YouTube:

„It makes posting on social media fast and easy, and results in a large amount of traffic continuously coming to my websites.“

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Daniel Costa Lerena on Costa Invest

Costa Invest

„Blog2Social incluye funcionalidades muy interesantes para la inmobiliaria, como la posibilidad de republicar las propiedades en venta en las redes sociales, algo muy importante para llegar con una misma vivienda a distintas audiencias en cualquier momento.

Publicar solamente una vez la propiedad en las redes sociales no es algo efectivo, porque el público objetivo al que se llega es muy limitado, y por eso este plugin ayuda a potenciar la difusión de una propiedad en venta en las diferentes plataformas. “


Colin Newcomer on WP MAYOR


„Overall, Blog2Social is a really convenient way to manage the social media marketing for your WordPress site.

You can either take the time to manually create and schedule social media posts for each blog post and social network, or you can take advantage of auto-posting and auto-scheduling functionality, even by importing your RSS feeds, to put everything on auto-pilot.

Or, you can even use both, combining custom-written posts with auto-posts depending on your strategy.

I also like that you can curate content from other sources, which gives you another way to keep your social media profiles fresh.

Finally, the calendar and list views help make it easier to manage your overall schedule and make sure everything is humming along smoothly. I also like that you can use drag-and-drop to move posts around on the calendar view.

As I mentioned above, you can try out all the premium features with a 30-day free trial (no credit card required). So, if you’re intrigued, give it a try and see if it works for you – you’re not risking any money.“


24-minute video with a look into the tool and explanation of all features of Blog2Social by Jerry Banfield on YouTube:

„This is giving me thousands of extra impressions on my blog every day. This is why I’ve taken the time to show this to you. – I just signed up for this. I found it really helpful. So I thought to make a tutorial.“


In his latest video, Jerry reveals even more of his social media strategy and shows how he uses Blog2Social to promote his YouTube videos and increase your reach:

@ksteinmann on

“Over the last five years or so, I’ve tried literally DOZENS of social posting apps. Some were in the cloud, but most were based on a WordPress installation and a plugin. The vast majority of these, sad to say, have been badly flawed – either lacking in features, or complicated and confusing to use, or constantly broken. In fact, despite much hype and hoopla, few have been worth the time, energy, effort and cost. Frankly, most were, in the end, CRAP, despite the fact they were not cheap. I’ve literally abandoned them all as not being worth the aggravation (and that’s for the ones that are still being supported, which aren’t many; these things have a way of “vanishing” into the ether months after the developer has grabbed your money).

I had just about given up hope of EVER finding a good solution until I stumbled across Blog2Social. To say I am blown away would be an enormous understatement. This thing works so remarkably well, I honestly can’t believe it. I mean, seriously! It’s very clear a lot of time, effort and attention to detail went into this thing. I’ve rarely seen an app that has to interface with so many other pieces of software that works as well, or which is so elegant and functions so smoothly.

Being old and jaded and burned out by “wonderware” that wasn’t, I rarely leave a five star review these days. And I’ve got some minor quibbles with Blog2Social, too. But overall, I’m absolutely THRILLED to FINALLY have a tool I can rely on. And this is the FREE version I’m using. I’ll be upgrading soon. But to the developers, in the meantime, I say: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well done!!!”


yasirkhattak on WordPress

@airdra on WordPress

@anitah1 on

“The free version of blog2social includes all the apps I want to use – facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and linkedin, plus more – which is great. Set-up for each was a very simple process of entering a couple of fields and a few clicks (except for Instagram, for me).
Once set up was complete, posting to these apps is beautifully simple with a one-click share to all.
When I had a problem with Instagram set-up, Blog2Social got back to me in less than 24 hours and pointed me to the solution. From their response wording, it was clear that a real person had read my email and it was a personalized, very human response – which I really appreciated! “


@stacy_wv on WordPress

@cryptoforeveryone on WordPress

@x3coded on WordPress

@thealert on WordPress

@lesan on WordPress

@kaschwei on wordpress

Tiffany on Blogoh:

“This is the plug-in I use for my blogs. Blog2Social’s user layout is incredibly user friendly and connecting your social media accounts is a breeze- it’s literally just a click for each one if you’re already logged in. Once you set it up your sites will upload to social media while you’re away from the keyboard.”


@maafwob on WordPress

@kilobravo on WordPress

@delowar64 on WordPress

Mark Howard on

“This is a lifesafer of a tool. Again a free WordPress plugin allows you to setup 15 different social media platforms (including Reddit, LinkedIN, Twitter and so on) and once you have published your blog post, you can then with the click of a button instantly share out to all 15 platforms.

This save a lot of time and the free version is packed with great features. Take it to the next level for less than £5 per month with the ability to schedule your posts and access to even more social platforms.

This is the pingler for social media and will certainly get you noticed, ranked higher and gives you a lot of backlinks to your website.”


“Uno de nuestros complementos favoritos para hacerlo es Blog2Social , que no solo incluye una función de publicación automática, sino que incluso le permite optimizar sus tiempos de entrega.

Blog2Social es una de las soluciones de publicación automática más completas para WordPress. No sólo le permite compartir su contenido en la mayoría de las principales plataformas de redes sociales, sino que también le permite programar publicaciones para una fecha u horario especifico.

Además, puede agregar etiquetas y comentarios específicos para cada red, que siempre es útil. El complemento también le permite personalizar qué imágenes aparecerán junto con su contenido compartido, e incluso le permite volver a compartir las publicaciones más antiguas, o rellenar huecos en su calendario.”


Vernon on

“I am ecstatic right now. My website traffic has increased dramatically by using this simple program. I stumbled upon a program called Blog2Social by accident. While searching for more places to post my blogs I came across this amazing program called Blog2Social. It has changed the way I share my articles.”


@ains on WordPress

@dpwebmaster on WordPress

Ryan on

“I can definitely recommend Blog2Social to everyone who’s looking for a way to improve the Jetpack’s Publicize effectiveness in terms of Social Media sharing. The great thing about it is that you can use them both, as they nicely complement each other: in case you need the Blog2Social advanced features – scheduler, all-in-one sharing, multiple accounts per network, integrated reporting services, sharing networks among different WordPress users and so on – you’ll most likely end up with a paid plan, as it’s definitely worth the price.”


@revmark on WordPress

@mdtareqhassan on

Recommended by



@meteoaachen on WordPress

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@revixi on WordPress

John Hughes on WPEXPLORER:

“Blog2Social can automatically share your posts to the networks you specify, using your desired settings. This cuts the time you spend just getting the word out about your content down to almost zero. All you need to do is concentrate on creating quality posts, and when they’re published all of your followers will know right away.”


@eamonncoyne on

@michasumi on “Very flexible and great support

We have been using a different plugin for years and tried this one by chance. Well, what can I say: we are thrilled. The functions are versatile and the posts can be planned very flexibly.

In the test phase we had to use the support, we were helped quickly and friendly.

There is nothing to criticize, the plugin is in our eyes the best plugin to transfer contributions into the social media channels.”


@vmp507 on

@florian99 on

@revmike on Simply amazing!!! I was looking for something that was affordable to share posts immediately and at scheduled times so it gives me more time to focus on writing. Write your post, distribute it right away or go to scheduling and schedule when you want it shared.”


@luvnlyt on “I absolutely LOVE the Blog2Social plugin! It saves me time, frustration and just makes me so much happier when sharing my posts across different social sites. Fantastic job, creating this! Works great! “


@kkermode on “[…] Set up was a breeze. Works with all sorts of content, including events. I went ahead and upgraded. BOOM! I have now integrated with over 10 social media accounts on a variety of platforms. I am SO SO SO Happy right now! […]


@timabel on “Blog2Social became a dream come through for me after I had tried with several plugins and gotten no results. May not have been because I didn’t know how to use those, but sincerely, they were difficult for a non-technical savvy like myself.
With Blog2Social, I could find my way through sharing within seconds.
Now making plans to go premium. […] Thank you guys and keep the good and excellent work going. “


Mark Adams on “Blog2Social lets you customize the posts to be tailored to each network.”


Tool Review: These WP Plugins Will Make Your Site Better in 2018

Blog2Social is a time-saving WordPress plugin that offers solutions to social media workers and marketers, small business owners, agencies, and others who look for ways to cross-promote and share blog posts on social media websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and others.


Bogdan Sandu on “This all-in-one suite of tools enables you to promote and share your blog posts directly from your WordPress dashboard.”


Tool Review: Top WordPress Plugins: What to Install in 2018

With Blog2Social, it’s easy to auto-schedule publishing of your social media posts. It also enables you to individualize posts, which adds a personal touch to every message. Thanks to Blog2Social’s Social Media calendar, managing the timing of post will be a breeze.


Gurpreet Singh from

Explain how to set up and work the Blog2Social plugin via_email

Mudita Jha on “Blog2Social is a plugin for WordPress that gives us the provision to automatically share our blog posts on our social media profiles, pages, and groups, absolutely scheduled and fully customized for each and every network. This plugin is free to start, and its features are quite promising to make it the best social media auto-post plugin for 2017.”

Blog2Social Review: Social Media + WordPress

Blog2Social Review: Social Media + WordPress

Creating and setting up a blog in today’s world is just a cinch. Hundreds of free services are available for us to avail that guides us to hop on the blogging bandwagon. The ones that…


Chris Abraham on “Even more exciting is that Blog2Social will even place [hashtags] into your Instagram and Google+ posts as well, inline, at the end, just like all the cool kids do.”

Blog2Social makes bloggers a marketing one-man band

Blog2Social makes bloggers a marketing one-man band

Use the Blog2Social WordPress plugin to auto post, cross promote, schedule, automatically share your blog posts to social networks for the best times to post to profiles, pages and groups.


RoseMary from MusingsFromARedhead about Blog2Social
RoseMary from MusingsFromARedhead about Blog2Social

David Hartshorne on “If you want to automatically share your blog posts from WordPress to social media, then Blog2Social is your best option.”


Tool Review: Blog2Social vs CoSchedule

Blog2Social is a relatively new WordPress plugin. It’s continually adding more automated functionality to make scheduling your blog posts to social media as painless as possible.The built-in Best Time Scheduler is a powerful time-saver. Even if you haven’t created your preferred schedule, you can use the predefined best times from Blog2Social.


David Hartshorne on “That’s the type of set-and-forget automation you want with social media, leaving you more time to engage with people who comment on your social content.”


Blog2Social Review: The Smart Way To Promote Your Blog Posts

The Blog2Social Premium version is definitely a time-saver with its auto-posting and unlimited scheduling options. The recurring option could keep your evergreen posts going for a year.


Daniel Doherty on “Marketing can be hard to understand, but you can take the easy road and save some major bucks by using Blog2Social the next time you’re looking to mix up your marketing portfolio. In closing, the use of social media to promote and expand your business is more prevalent now than ever before. Blog2Social has all of your bases covered – so you can focus on what really matters:
providing the best product to your customers.”


The Blog2Social WordPress Plugin Makes Posting and Sharing Effortless – Content Kitchen – Content Creation & Automation Business Community

Blog2Social, a WordPress Plugin, is a fantastic tool to get your new blog post published across all your social media platforms from your website.


John Hughes on “Blog2Social is one of the most comprehensive auto-posting solutions for WordPress. Not only does it enable you to share your content to most major social media platforms, it also lets you schedule posts for specific time windows.”


How to Auto-Post from WordPress to All Your Favorite Social Networks with Blog2Social

These days, no website can afford to ignore social media, and that goes for WordPress websites too. However, while posting to social media is the easy part, the process of actually publishing your content could become a huge timesink. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to automate this time-consuming…


Blog2Social Review by Social Maharaj
Blog2Social Review by Social Maharaj

Setting up a blog in current day scenario is no less than a cake walk. There are tons of free services that allow you hop on the blogging bandwagon. If you are running a website on WordPress you know how easy our lives have become with plugins. One such plugin that I’m reviewing today is Blog2Social which is a freemium plugin for WordPress.


Jayshree Bhagat on Social Media Automation tool helps you gain good blog traffic from leading social networks.”

Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler: Blog2Social WordPress Plugin Review – Makeup Review And Beauty Blog

The Social Media Automation Plugin Blog2Social: Review by makeup and beatublog
The Social Media Automation Plugin Blog2Social: Review by makeup and beatuy blog

WordPress Plugins help to make our task easier and effective audience-building on WordPress website. Introducing a new plugin that gives you the leverage for auto-posting and scheduling blog posts on social media from your website. Adding Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler: Blog2Social WordPress Plugin to your website gives you the facility to enable Social…


Admin on “Using social media as a part of your marketing strategy is such a crucial component in today’s fast moving social atmosphere, and it looks as though Blog2Social will be the best social media auto-post plugin for 2017.”

Blog2Social Review – Best Social Media Auto-Post Plugin For 2017 | | Internet Home Business Ideas

Blog2Social Review – Best Social Media Auto-Post Plugin For 2017

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically share your blog posts on your social media profiles, groups and pages, fully customized and

Source: “Blog2Social is the most elaborate social media plugin that I have tested so far. I purchased the premium (smart) license, and I can only recommend it.”

Blog2Social for WordPress Boosts Your Social Media Strategy | CieffeDesign

Today marks the beginning of a small series, in which we’ll present the best premium plugins for WordPress. Plugins that are worth spending money on,


Andreas Hecht on “Blog2Social is the most elaborate social media plugin that I have tested so far. I purchased the premium license, and I can only recommend it.”

Blog2Social for WordPress Enhances Your Social Media Strategy | NOUPE

Social media plugin Blog2Social publishes blog posts on your profiles, business pages, and community websites, as well as in groups on all of your networks.


Lori Soard on “Blog2Social is one of the more adaptive and interesting plugins out there. One of the features I really like about Blog2Social is that the same post isn’t pushed out to every social media network but is customized to better suit that platform.
I’ve decided to switch to Blog2Social for 2017. I believe it will save me time and effort in my promotions. And, no, Blog2Social is in no way paying me to say that. This is my unbiased opinion after studying what they have to offer.”


Save Time and Effort by Using Blog2Social for Social Media Marketing

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about cross-promoting on social media to save time and gain traction. After checking out Blog2Social, I think this tool would be extremely helpful in helping you cross-promote. Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin. You may already use tools such as HootSuite or IFTT…


Kristel Cuenta on That’s where the Blog2Social plugin comes in. It lets you automatically schedule and share your new blog posts to your social media channels. You can customize your posts for each network if you want and schedule them at optimal times for each audience.

8 Social WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog : Social Media Examiner

Do you want to make your WordPress blog more social media-friendly? Discover eight easy-to-use plugins to socialize your WordPress blog.

Source: Thank you Blog2Social for a great plugin!Luckily, we managed to find a plugin that accomplished our goal and after some considerations we decided to go with Blog2Social – Social Media Auto Publish. The experience of the setup and use was great with a few clicks your image will be simultaneously posted on your website and your Pinterest Account, saving you time and keeping your digital marketing presence relevant.

Best way to publish images to WordPress and Pinterest simultaneously!

With this solution you can post images to your WordPress website and Pinterest automatically, save time and keep your digital marketing presence relevant.


Devoo Banna, “The Blog2Social team has developed a WordPress plugin for automated, but at the same time customized and scheduled posting in social media. They have a deep understanding of our business and objectives, and consider our communications challenges with a sound and well-informed solution. Our social visits-to-leads ratio has increased by 40% since we have implemented Blog2Social. It’s the best thing that has happened to our company in a long time. I’m extremely happy with their plugin. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Digital Marketing Trends – News, Advice & Tips for Marketers

News, Advice & Tips for Marketers


Anish George on “The Blog2Social plugin solves this time availability problem by allowing you to schedule the sharing of the posts to all of your social media profiles so that they are automatically posted when you want. Once the posts are written, you can dictate when and where the blogs are posted.”

8 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Maximize The Potential of Your Blog

Here are the Best 8 WordPress Social Media Plugins to increase the exposure and traffic of your blog posts with minimum effort.


Jawad Tahir on The biggest difference to other social media plugins and tools is, that the same post isn’t pushed out to every social media network but is automatically adapted in the best format for each network. And, optionally, you can customize your posts to even better suit all of your networks and communities.

WordPress Plugin Blog2Social saves Time for Scheduling and Cross-Posting on Social Media

Full review of WordPress Plugin Blog2Social that help bloggers in saving Time for Scheduling and Cross-Posting on Social Media. Auto post all networks


Susan Gilbert on “This great plugin posts to places like Facebook profiles, Pages, groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Add hashtags and include excerpts or entire posts quickly and easily.”

4 WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Adding the right plugins to your WordPress blog will help bring in more visitors and subscribers. As a business owner you want your content to get noticed.


Sohail Aslam on “Marketing through social media is the latest and fastest way of promotion. So whatever you publish on your website you can let other people know through social media. Blog2Social is the plugin which does this job.”

What are the best WordPress marketing plugins? – Artz Studio

If you have an online store, subscription website or you earn from the visits on your website or any other business website then the good marketing is very


Luke Brynley-Jones on “Sharing your content across social media can be a time-consuming process, but the guys at Adenion have created a fantastically simple plug-in. Blog2Social converts your posts into an optimal format for a wide range of social channels and even schedules them for the most effective time of day. It also comes with a handy one-click option for those super busy periods.”

8 of the best WordPress social media plug-ins – Our Social Times – Social Media for Business

Whether you run an e-commerce website or a company blog, social media integration can’t be ignored. Here are 8 of the best WordPress social media plug-ins.


Chris Abraham on “You know all the hell I go through every time I publish a blog post? The hell I will go through after I hit submit on this post? The process I go into in great depth on If you post it will they come (to read your blog)? Well, I have it all automated now, at least over on my blog (and this is a very low-traffic vanity blog that’s brand new, is not monetized, and I am no fitness star, so when you look at the traffic spikes, keep everything in perspective).
I really wish that Blog2Social were already installed on Biznology right now because after I hit Publish I have at least another 1/2 hour of promotional work to do before I can move onto my next task for the day.”


Blog2Social removes all social sharing pain

Share your blog posts customized for each network, automated and scheduled at the right time on social media profiles, pages and groups.


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