Customization instead of scattergun approach

[Video]: Why Customizing Social Media Posts Leads To More Likes

Customization instead of scattergun approach: Why customized social media posts lead to more likes

Studies show that many bloggers use the scattergun approach when sharing blog posts on social networking sites due to the lack of time and resources. With the scattergun approach all social media posts are posted with the same text to all social networks. See, how you can achieve more coverage by customizing your social media postings.

With Blog2Social you can customize your social media posts. The one-page preview allows you to add individual comments, hastags or handles for each network in one single step. You may give your posts a personal and engaging touch to make them perform better for different target groups on various social channels.

The new Blog2Social release also turns your blog posts automatically into HTML markup to re-publish your posts on Medium, Tumblr and Torial. To give your content even more outreach on these powerful blogging networks.

This video shows you, how you can achieve more coverage by customizing your social media postings.

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Irina Malievski

After the Master's program of political communication at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf Irina Malievski is now PR volunteer for online PR, content marketing and social media at the ADENION GmbH.


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