3 most efficient ways to promote your content on Facebook

3 Most Efficient Ways to Promote your Content on Facebook

There is a multitude of guides and tutorials on how to post on Facebook to boost your comments, clicks and shares on Facebook. Today, I will let you in on a secret: there’s nothing more to the perfect Facebook post than knowing your audience.

automatically post on Facebook - 3 most efficient ways

Since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004 the network continuously grew to be the most popular social channel worldwide. With over 7.2 billion page visits a day and about 2.2 billion users in total, Facebook became the perfect stage for brands to push advertising and promote their products. Sharing blog posts on Facebook has become a standard task for bloggers and Social Media Managers to promote their content and drive traffic to their blogs. However, with more and more content flooding the network, posting successfully to Facebook is not quite as simple as expected.

Facebook provides personal profiles, pages and groups for promoting your content, but each community is different and reacts differently to specific contents and formats. And, you also need to hit the right tone to address your specific audience. Facebook allows link posts as well as photo posts. The choice of formats can have a deep impact on the visibility and outreach of your post.

To conquer the top ranks on your followers news feeds, it’s most important to post the right content, in the right format, at the right time.

Posting manually to profiles, pages and groups with individual comments can be quite time-consuming. But, there are a couple of ways to promote your content, fully tailored and fully automated on

Watch this video to find out how this works:

3 most efficient ways to promote your content on Facebook

So, in a nutshell, to successfully promote your content on Facebook and drive traffic to your blog, it’s important to address your audience in an engaging way and choose the right format for your post. Blog2Social helps you to cross-promote your blog content fully automated on all your Facebook channels in just a few simple clicks.

  • Post to profiles, pages and public groups directly from your blog
  • Connect multiple Facebook profiles, pages and public groups
  • Share tailored posts with individual comments, #hashtags and @handles
  • Choose a custom post type for your post: Facebook image posts or Facebook link posts
  • Select individual images for each of your social media posts and channels
  • Posts at the best times to boost your organic reach
  • Share and re-share any post to any connected social media network
  • Set up and schedule recurring posts
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About the author

Vera Schmies

After graduating from Örebro University in Sweden with a Master's degree in Digital Journalism Vera Schmies is now responsible for online PR, content marketing and social media at Adenion GmbH.

4 thoughts on “3 Most Efficient Ways to Promote your Content on Facebook”

  1. Hi Vera,

    Thank you for the useful tips, it’s appreciated!

    Content is king, but if you are not aware when your audience is online, what is the best time to post and where, it’s all in vain.

    That’s why you have to know your audience.

    1. Hi Jarvee,

      Exactly! There are so many useful tips but in the end each community is unique and might prefer different times, posting formats or tone of language etc. So what I really appreciate, when it comes to social media automation, is having many options to customize my posts for any specific purpose or audience.

      I’m happy you liked my tips, thank you!
      If you are interested in more basic guidelines for other networks, you might also enjoy this Complete Guide to social Sharing 🙂

      Best regards,

  2. Thank you for this interesting article , in fact Facebook is the most important social media tool for google search engine ranking , building social links on Facebook is very important.

    1. Hi World Ads,

      thank you for your comment, happy to hear you found this post interesting! Yes, sharing links on Facebook can have a great impact on SEO, especially if the article, product or event post is shared further by your friends and followers. That’s also why it is so important to consider your audience when cross promoting on Facebook pages, profiles and groups. You will receive more likes, link clicks and shares. And, of course, if your comment and headline sound appealing, more page visits. The more people visit your site and the longer they are staying, the better are your changes to climb up the ranking.


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