Josine Wille and The Bigger Blog - The Blog2Social Community

Josine Wille and theBiggerBlog – The Blog2Social Community

Today, we want to introduce you to Dutch fashionista Josine Wille and her passion for fashion: theBiggerBlog. It is a fashion and lifestyle blog about realistic photos and information about fashion for curvy girls and size diversity. Her topics definitely touched a nerve and she is rewarded with a growing and engaging number of readers and followers. Here, you can find out more about Josine, her blog, and her work.

theBiggerBlog - a passion for fashion
theBiggerBlog – a passion for fashion

theBiggerBlog: Plus Size Fashion Blog for Curvy Girls

The turning point for Josine to get started with her own blogging project back in 2014 was a very common circumstance in the modern fashion and lifestyle industry: The fashion industry mostly focuses on the mainstream sizes, pursuing a very limited ideal of beauty. That’s why she decided to show how the whole thing looks on a bigger size. But, you know what? Let Josine tell you why she started with herself:

“With my blog I hope to inspire all girls who can use some expertise when it comes to shopping their shape. Hopefully I can also motivate you in loving yourself, just the way you are. On a regular basis you can read new blogs about fashion, trends, beauty and lifestyle.”

And while we are on the subject, this is Josine:

The Blog2Social Community presents: Josine Wille
The Blog2Social Community presents: Josine Wille

theBiggerBlog: A Successful Fashion Blog is More Than Just Great Pictures

The most important part of your blog is and will be its content. A blog that provides valuable content on a regular basis has the potential to attract a loyal, engaging and growing readership.  However, extruding this potential is the real trick. Whereas the content is the heart of your blog, your community engagement powers your whole website, attracts new readers and is the reward for your hard work.

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Therefore, it is important to present your content to your potential readers, followers and fans where they are on the road: On social media. That is a discipline, Josine seems to have mastered with success: With her unique approach on fashion and the wish to inspire girls and women, Josine has gained over 8.000 Fans on Instagram, 850 Followers on Twitter and more than 2.200 likes on Facebook. Furthermore, Josine is also the initiator of #curvesontheroad and #dutchcurves – both channels celebrating the diversity of fashion and the love to yourself.

So that you get a glimpse of her work, we asked her to send us her favorite blog post. Even though it was quite hard for her to name this one special article, she wants to share with you her “Black Frills”:

“Black Frills” on the Fashion Blog theBiggerBlog
“Black Frills” on the Fashion Blog theBiggerBlog

“Last week I was on the hunt for a new jumper. That moment when you search for something and then.. you find something even better. Life doesn’t get much better! That’s how I felt when I found this jumper. Back in black, my latest addiction. This little number, beautifully fine knitted, with ajour and the cutest frill in black. J-O-S-I-N-E should have been on that label! It has my name written all over it.”

Nevertheless, a community does not grow automatically. You are not done after you posted and shared your blog posts. You have to post your content on a regular basis across various networks and engage with your followers and friends.

During a usual week, Josine publishes 2 – 4 different blog posts on theBiggerBlog. Additionally, she tweets about 30 times, shares up to 10 different Facebook postings, as well as 10 pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. She has an incredible engagement rate of at least 10 comments per post and answers every one of them. If you keep in mind, that a huge part of her followers on, for instance, Instagram are from the US, this can be an incredible timeconsuming task. Especially, if you have to consider different time zones. That’s why Josine decided to take her blog to the next level:

“Scheduling became important to me, but I wasn’t always on time when it came to sharing my posts on social media. I started searching for the right plug-in to auto share my posts, without loosing my personal touch. I tried Blog2Social for 1 month and decided to extend the subscription. Haven’t regretted it ever since and I’ve noticed I can focus on more important things instead of watching the clock when to share something.”

Get connected

You can find the latest updates from Josine and on her Homepage, where she regularly posts new blog content, both in Dutch and English. Josine is very active on Instagram, where she shares her blog photos but also random photos of her daily life. Besides that, she is also on Twitter and on Facebook. Leave Josine a comment and visit her on her homepage.

Missing the Alps already #skiselfie

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The Blog2Social Community

What were your reasons to start blogging? Tell us in the comments!



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After graduating from Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf with a Master's degree in liberal arts, Tobias Fischer is now responsible for online PR, content marketing and social media at ADENION GmbH.

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