6 Types of Videos to Enhance Your Landing Pages

6 Types of Videos to Enhance Your Landing Pages

Looking for a tool to help your landing page reach its full potential? Stop looking! Video content is the answer. Regardless of the goals of your current marketing strategy, a high-quality video can help your site reach new heights. If you do it right, of course.
Audiences love video content. So, naturally, companies and site owners do as well! 

And why wouldn’t they? This medium allows their message to get through effectively, clearly, and engagingly. More importantly, in terms of landing pages, video can help jumpstart conversion rates and SEO metrics! 
However, that’s not to say that any type of video will get you to your destination. 
Your landing pages are designed for particular purposes, and look to appeal to an intended audience in a specific stage of the buyer’s journey. It stands to reason then, that any video embedded in it should be in tune with those guidelines.

Good news is that skilled video companies have mastered the styles of videos that fit specific marketing goals. The same styles your different landing pages can benefit from!

Today, we are going over some of those styles to see how they fit those different types of potential customers, marketing goals, and landing pages. Ready?

1.      Educational Videos

The moment your potential customers become aware of experiencing a pain-point, they will start forming questions around it. And they’ll go looking for answers.

Incorporating educational videos into your landing pages is a fantastic way to seize that opportunity and make a great first impression!
Educational videos, in a nutshell, help your audience understand their pain-points and other topics related to your business. They manage to do this by using simple language and straightforward descriptions.

The word “Educational” might sound unappealing for some. However, keep in mind their implementation can be playful and lighthearted if necessary – as it often is. Making it easy to forget you were watching a lesson in the first place!

Implementing educational videos into your landing pages can help establish your brand as a reference in your niche. Showcasing your knowledge and expertise in a non-promotional way and giving but subtle selling hints.

It’s not hard to trust a company when it’s clear that it knows what it’s doing!
Customers in the awareness stage will be thankful for coming across a video of this sort in your landing page! And be more likely to come back when it’s time to move further down your funnel.

2.      Commercial Videos

Commercials are another fantastic type of video for landing pages meant for people in the awareness stage of their buyer’s journey. Unlike educational content, though, their approach is clearly promotional and sometimes even aggressively so!

On landing pages, they tend to last about 30 seconds or more. However, commercials might benefit you the most when placed outside of it!

When displayed in social networks or in other advertisement mediums, they work like a magnet for driving new visitors and potential leads to your site. In that sense, the right commercial can jumpstart your landing page visibility, especially if you design one with a killer CTA that motivates people into action.

Not all commercial videos deliver these results though. For a commercial to work in this manner, you need to tell a story and elicit emotions from the viewers with them. Manage to do that, and you’ll not only capture the audience’s attention but also make them identify with your video.

3.      Explainer Videos

When your customers are going through the Consideration Stage, they aren’t just looking for information, but also for solutions. And you can give them both by placing an effective explainer video on your landing page!

These videos tend to last less than 90 seconds, and during that time, it addresses your customer’ pain-point. It puts forward why and how your brand can solve it, always focusing on the benefits for the client.

Explainers make bounce rates plummet. Why? Because they engage viewers right away, which leads to longer sessions and dwell times on your site. In stark contrast with landing pages that only include text and images! It’s the type of supplemental benefit that ends up having your sites rank higher in SERPs once you add video into the mix. 

More importantly, these videos can nurture leads and generate conversions if you manage to have your audience identify with the situation portrayed. Not bad, isn’t it? 

Do keep in mind that for superb explainers, it’s not enough to just be informative: they are also genuinely entertaining. Even complex subjects can be broken down into clear and fun explanations.

4.      Product Videos

Here’s one type of video designed to transform your landing page’s visitors into buyers.
Product videos display your product or service, in action and in context. That means the setting and the character on-screen should resonate with your target audience and their lifestyle. Like this, it’s easier for viewers to picture themselves using the item.

This video style works wonders for the landing pages of online businesses or companies that are trying to improve their sales.

Picture a potential buyer during the consideration stage, analyzing their alternatives before a buy. They find an object they like but are still on the fence about actually purchasing it. Suddenly, they stumble across a video that compellingly describes every benefit that the item provides, far better than text and pictures ever could. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math there.

Online, it’s the next best thing to seeing the product with their own eyes – which has a huge impact on the “trust” part of the conversion equation.
Do it right, and your product video should motivate your visitors to proceed into your landing page’s action.


5.      Customer Testimonials

It’s a well-known fact that most people do research before making a purchase. It comes as no surprise that most will feel drawn to close a sale with the company that inspires them with the most trust.

That’s why it’s essential to host at least one Customer Testimonial on your website, and why they can fit perfectly with certain types of landing pages. They can overcome your prospect’s indecision and generate conversions.
In these videos, a happy customer explains their former pain-point and how it was solved by your brand. Describing how their lives have improved ever since.

A testimonial strives to inspire trust in a company, its products, and its methods. But to do that, it needs to feature authentic content— an actual customer with a real story. Actors and scripts won’t go unnoticed.

Why are testimonials so efficient? There’s something about watching a satisfied client recount their experience that makes the viewer see themselves in that person’s shoes. They realize their lives could also be better with the help of your company.

Match that angle with a landing page designed to capitalize on it, and you’ll start seeing those conversion numbers tick up!

6.      Company Stories

Company stories –a.k.a.: culture videos –focus on the philosophy of your brand. Its’ mission, vision, and how they are reflected in the way things are handled inside the company.

Why would you include one on your landing page?
Easy-peasy: it makes your clients empathize with your brand. That’s especially hard for big companies, so showing the human side behind them, helps to bridge a bond between them and their audience.
If the viewers can see eye to eye with the brand’s values, they will grow fond of it. That can trigger genuine customer loyalty. 

For their culture video, each company chooses a particular topic. They can showcase a day in the office through the eyes of a new team member. Or a recent company event. Or…anything else actually. Whatever the subject, the idea is that it masters representing what the brand stands for.

EMBED: https://youtu.be/Fjo20qYsXqc

Parting Words

In the end, your landing pages are designed to be a door to new customers. But if you expect them to consistently generate conversions, you must ensure they are appealing to their intended audience!
And nothing attracts and engages audiences more than videos. That’s the type of content visitors are eager to consume, and most likely turn them into leads.

Your landing page will receive visits from people in different stages of the buyer’s journey.  So for you to satisfy visitors, leads, prospects, and customers alike, you may require more than one video style, capitalizing on their impact by creating different ones.

A landing page that includes audiovisual content is one that hardly ever disappoints both visitors –with its entertainment –and marketers –with its results.

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