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What Apple Teaches You About Marketing Strategy (Infographic)

The art of a successful marketing strategy doesn’t mean to simply promote your product. Sure, you always should put your product in focus when you want to sell it. But, keep in mind there is one thing much more important than that: your customer. That’s the reason why it is more about reaching out to your customers’ hearts by touching their emotions.

There are lots of others who want sell their products, perhaps the same you offer. So, how can you stand out of all your competitors? To get the customers attention you shouldn’t simply tell about pure data or information of your products. To stand out and show you are the No. 1, just take a closer look at how successful brands do it. Here’s where Apple joins the game, one of the most famous companies on the planet.

Let Your Customers’ Emotions Guide Your Marketing Strategy

Apple doesn’t simply tell how good their products are, they put their customers’ emotions in the center of their marketing strategy. This means, they tell much more about a product than hard facts!

When you think of Apple, you will think of unique products. But, it is the vision behind the brand which makes them different from their competitors. And it is that vision they communicate. There are stories everybody loves, believes and wants to learn more about and they tell these stories to their audience. This is exactly, what Apple has driven to perfection. They don’t just tell facts by talking about the greatness of their products. They make their customers love their products.

Social Media – the Key to Your Marketing Success

How did Apple achieve this and what can you learn from their success to improve your own marketing strategy? One of the unique characteristics of Apple’s success is to keep it simple. From product appearance to advertising, they focus on what customers really are interested in. And this isn’t how much data a hard disk can store, it’s about experience and emotions.

So, where and how can you achieve this for your own customers? The answer is one of the pinpoints of Apple’s marketing strategy. They focus on social media to get awareness from potential customers and promote their stories.

To reach out and engage with your customers and targets, use the power of social media.  Don’t just use social media as an advertising channel, but engage with your audience. Don’t just promote your products, but provide valuable content to build reputation and trust in your community.

Let others speak for you. Reach out to Influencers who have an active community to create a trustworthy connection to your targets on social media. In addition, you should find and create valuable content to share with your audience that is interesting enough to get your customers’ attention to lead them to your sales funnel.

A Corporate Blog – the Content Hub of Your Marketing Strategy

A corporate blog is a great place to center your content marketing strategy. It gives you the opportunity to reach customers all over the world by sharing your blog posts on social media. In addition, you can guide users from social media back to your blog and offer them lots of interesting and useful content.

Here we come back to Apple again. They don’t simply say their products are the best. Instead, they offer unique values for their customers  – values their competitors don’t have. In other words, Apple makes sure their products are unique when it comes to user experience. They always offer something valuable, which makes their customers’ lives easier.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of product you offer. Create a story for it, and tell this story to your customers. This is, what makes them buy your products, instead of your competitors’. So, think about what experiences, solutions or emotions your products may invoke and tell the story behind it. Stories can create an emotion between your customer and your brand.

Listen to Your Customers and Speak Their Language

Ensuring your audience will listen to you is not only limited to interesting content and delivering it via stories on your blog and social media.

The way you talk is also key to your audience. This is where Apple is best-in-class, again. They reach their customers in ways no one else has figured out. To reach this masterclass you have to listen to your audience to understand the language they use on social media. Avoid technical or confusing language to give it a human touch.

To finally enter the home stretch with your marketing strategy don’t focus on text content only. Instead, you are well advised to use video and audio content. Be aware of that your customers have to fight through a jungle of words every day. Visual and audio content can be handled much easier. That is why it now has become an important marketing tool.

Check out the full infographic by The Website Group below and take a look at the cornerstones of Apple’s marketing success in detail, because learning from the best is a great way to create something valuable.


Source: The Website Group


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