The Influencer Marketing Revolution

The Influencer Marketing Revolution (Infographic)

Influencer marketing may seem like a bit of a fad to many but when 94% of marketers find it effective, it’s time to sit up and take notice. This infographic from One Productions looks at how powerful micro influencers particularly can be. Micro influencers are small bloggers and vloggers who have a small but engaged audience and while your video will be put in front of fewer eyes, those eyes will be more attentive. The issue with macro influencers is that they often have very passive followers. For example, a high-profile celebrity will have more people watching their videos, but what percentage of that audience is really engaged? The reality is probably not that many.

The other great thing about micro influencers is that they’re far cheaper than macro influencers. A video generally only costs $2,500 when using a micro influencer versus nearly $200,000 when using a macro influencer. Check out the full infographic now and look at how you can use influencer marketing to drive your business forward in 2018.

The influencer marketing revolution

Source: One Productions


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Tom Hopkins is the Managing Director of One Productions a video production agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a Film and Video Director as well as an Art Director. He has 22 years’ experience working in the media and communications sector.

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