Compatibility with other plugins

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Last update: 2017-06-29 09:17

Blog2Social is compatible with many plugins even if they are not listed here separately.

The following popular plugins or services are compatible with Blog2Social:

  • WooCommerce
    You can share your WooCommerce products with Blog2Social just like any other blog post or page. Blog2Social can also set your WooCommerce tags as hashtags, if you activated this features in the Blog2Social Settings.

  • Custom Post Types from Plugins
    You can share many custom post types created by other plugins with Blog2Social. If you create post types you can’t share, please let us know.

  • Gutenberg Editor

  • Hummingbird

  • User Rights Management Plugins
    Manage user rights for Blog2Social: You can streamline user rights you have assigned in other plugins or WP applications.

  • Plugin "Heartbeat Control" or similar plugins
    Wordpress is working with heartbeats by default. Of course, you can deactivate or regulate heartbeats with plugins such as "Heartbeats Control". However, this is not advisable, as Wordpress subsists on heartbeats. Blog2Social works with heartbeats as well. Deactivating heartbeats prevents background tasks of Wordpress and Blog2Social from being executed completely. Thus, the plugin "Heartbeats Control" blocks post from being shared to your social media accounts.  

    Please make sure, that the plugin is not set to "disable everywhere".

    However, deactivating heartbeats prevents background tasks of Wordpress and Blog2Social from being executed properly, as well.
    It might occur that no heartbeat is sent between the time you publish your post on your blog and logging out if heartbeats are limited with the plugin "WP Rocket". If you log in again, a heartbeat will be executed directly, which will send the data. Therefore, please do not limit heartbeats to make sure that your posts are shared automatically in your social media.

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