7 Best Video Marketing Ideas Tactics

7 Best Video Marketing Ideas and Tactics

Many businesses today incorporate video into their overall marketing strategy, and it’s easy to see why. According to multiple research studies and surveys, adding a video to your landing page can boost your website’s conversion rates by up to 80%.

And that’s only scratching the surface – many studies support the use of video in marketing campaigns as it presents a good opportunity for businesses to connect well with their audience.

7 Best Video Marketing Ideas
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But now that you want to create videos for your marketing campaign, what’s next? What strategies, tips, and tactics should you use to maximize your efforts and get more returns?

For starters, the most important aspect of a video marketing strategy involves aligning content to your business goals. For instance, if you want to attract more customers, consider making a ‘how-to’ video.

On the other hand, If you want to retain your current customers, consider making a ‘thank you’ or appreciation type of video.

Whatever the case is, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to attract more customers while retaining your existing ones. A solid video marketing strategy starts with laying out your goals, picking the right kind of video for your audience, and has a way of measuring performance.

In this article, we’ll help you get the best video marketing ideas and tactics.

Start With Defining Your Video Marketing Goals

The key to having a successful video marketing campaign lies in having goals that complement both your content and overall marketing goals.

Most companies have set the trend to create a video for every stage of the marketing funnel. Are you trying to attract new customers or engage with your existing ones?

As mentioned above, attracting new customers entails creating awareness videos. On the flip side, engaging your existing customer base is entirely different, as you’ll want some sort of consideration stage video, which involves using explainer videos.

You should choose which funnel stage is relative to your business goals and then create video content that satisfies the needs of that particular stage.

Focus on Your Target Audience

You might have heard this before but focusing on your target audience is one of the fundamentals of a great marketing campaign. Brands that create videos without consideration for the target audience are more likely to fail in their marketing attempts.

The key to having a great video marketing campaign includes creating or developing a persona for your buyer (the target audience).

A persona, in this case, simply refers to the cumulative representation of a customer segment. Think of a persona as a person you want to buy (or who buys) your products, and you want to reach them using video.

As with all businesses, you can’t target or go after everyone. You’ll need to define exactly who you want to address with your videos. As a rule of thumb, your ideal audience should be customers who benefit from using your products or services.

Give a Relatable and Authentic Story

Now that you have set your goals and know what audience you want to reach, it’s time to start brainstorming the kind of content you’ll be creating. What type of story or message are you trying to pass along?

What emotion or response are you looking to get with your videos? For example, if you want your audience to laugh, consider using humor to charge your videos. If you want to leave them inspired, use motivational videos or share other success stories.

Videos with a story draw emotional connections with your target audience and make them more relatable. The key to creating compelling stories is to consider the audience’s aspirations, values, and preferences.

But when telling a story, make sure that the message and overall delivery also align with your brand and its mission.

Know Exactly The Kind of Video You Want to Create

At the very basic level, there are five types of videos:

  • Educational or explainer videos
  • Commercials
  • Social Content or engagement videos
  • Product Videos
  • Testimonials

You might have noticed that these videos are funnel oriented, meaning you should choose which video you are going for based on the stage of the funnel that your audience is in.

In other words, certain types of videos will be ideal for your marketing goals compared to others.

Types of Videos as Used in Marketing

Educational or explainer videos are better suited to teach or explain more about your brand, mission, product, and service. They focus on solving a particular problem.

Commercial videos are attention-grabbing videos that highlight the best of your company’s product features. They are typically used in mainstream media to attract new customers.

Social content or engagement videos are primarily targeted at users on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. They are fun, playful and are designed to provoke engagement from audiences.

Product videos inform your audience about your products/ services. They help increase customer confidence in your brand. The main goal of using such videos would be to attract new customers while highlighting what makes your product better than the competition.

Lastly, testimonials are videos designed to show satisfied customers who talk positively about their experiences using your products/ services. They inspire and provoke an emotional response from your audience.

Use User-Generated Content

In today’s ever-evolving video landscape, user-generated content has emerged as one of the most influential video trends. User-generated content refers to any form of content created and shared by users on social media platforms.

More and more companies are jumping on the chance to use such content, and it’s easy to see why. 93% of marketers believe that UGC is more trusted than content created by brands and companies.

7 Best Video Marketing Ideas
Image courtesy of Pexels

For the most part, using UGC allows companies to stay efficient while nailing their reach for their target audience. It helps with staying relevant, relatable, and authentic. 60% of consumers believe that this type of content is the most authentic.

And not only that, but it impacts the purchasing decisions of customers. According to Stackla, 79% of people said that UGC impacted their purchasing decisions.

As you can see, using UGC not only saves you time in video production but also enhances your brand authenticity while having a say in how consumers go about their purchasing decisions.

And because you’ll be working with user data, it’s important to keep it safe and secure from cybercriminals who are always preying. For this reason, we recommend using a VPN when working online, as they help you mask your online identity, making it harder for criminals to intercept your data. Fortunately, there are solid VPNs for all operating systems, including Macs.

Use Social Media Automation Tools to Publish and Share Video Files

One of the best marketing hacks that could save you time and money involves the use of social media automation tools. According to Demand Spring’s “Marketing Automation Platform Insights,” over 96% of marketers use marketing automation tools to streamline their operations.

Using marketing automation tools, including social media automation tools, is a common trend among marketers worldwide.

But do such tools have any benefits? Yes, they have a number of overwhelming benefits. Perhaps the most relative and direct benefit that you stand to enjoy when using social media marketing tools is increased conversions.

According to Oracle, over 75% of marketing departments have increased their conversions since implementing such software.

And there are many more solid stats that support the use of marketing automation software. But with so many options in the current market, which tool should you consider for your business?

The Best Social Media Automation Tools

We recommend checking out Blog2Social. Blog2Social is a powerful social media automation tool specifically designed for WordPress blogs.

It simplifies and streamlines your social media sharing process with the help of many features, including auto-posting, cross-posting, editing images, team management, and unique posting templates.

Blog2Social has recently added a publish and share feature which allows you to publish and share your video content directly from your media library on video platforms and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Go check them out and witness for yourself the incredible power of social media automation.

Lead the Viewer Into Action

A good marketing campaign typically leads the viewer or reader of content to take action, and video marketing is no different. This could take shape in the form of subscribing to a YouTube channel, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

Leading your viewers to take action is a tactic meant to skyrocket your conversion rates as you encourage your readers to participate actively.

One way to accomplish this is by creating a sense of urgency. Highlight limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or upcoming deadlines. Let your viewers know that by taking action now, they won’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity you’re presenting.

In Conclusion

Video marketing has become a popular trend across different brands in different industries. Think of this marketing tool as a way to engage with your audience in a relatable and authentic way.

Before you and your team start brainstorming the next catchy video for your marketing campaign, consider nailing down your company goals in relation to your missions. Also, be sure to target the right customer depending on their current funnel stage.

Once you’ve done that, consider using the tips and tactics listed above to help you get closer to your audience and far from your competition.

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