Social Media Videos: A Must-Have in every Marketing Strategy!

In today’s digital world, it’s no secret that video content has dominated social media. After TikTok blew up, other platforms followed by creating more and more features that embraced video format. According to the statistics, more than 66% of social media users said short-form videos to be the most engaging type of content in 2022.

This makes businesses and marketers leave no stone unturned when attracting more audiences using video content. From TikTok-style, vertical video to longer-form content, businesses spend more resources to craft compelling video content and keep their creative juice flowing.

That all said, there’s one question at everyone’s lips: can social media videos actually improve overall marketing, or is it just a bandwagon effect?

In this article, we’ve listed convincing reasons why social media video marketing is a must-have for your overall marketing campaign.

Increased Engagement

Videos have the potential to grab and hold viewers’ attention more effectively than other forms of content. They can convey information concisely and visually appealingly, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

All the social media users need to do is click the play button and see the content. This is also the reason why more and more people prefer videos to text. Not to mention that social media platforms also prioritize video content in their algorithms, giving videos better reach and visibility.

Not to mention that videos also tend to capture attention and encourage higher levels of engagement from viewers. People are more likely to comment, like, and share videos, which can help increase your social media following, attract new customers, and create a buzz around your brand.

Higher Reach and Visibility

It only takes a few clicks to spread a video all across social media platforms. This highly shareable format allows you to have the potential to go viral and reach a massive audience.

Moreover, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have millions or even billions of active users. When viewers find a video compelling, entertaining, or informative, they are more likely to share it with their own followers or friends. This sharing behaviour can help amplify brand reach and attract new audiences.

Enhanced Storytelling

Another great thing about video content is that it can tell compelling stories and evoke emotions. They offer a dynamic medium to showcase products, services, or brand values in action.

By using visuals, audio, and storytelling techniques, marketers can create impactful narratives that resonate with their target audience and leave a lasting impression. Remember that more emotionally-driven content is far more likely to be shared and viewed.

Improved Information Retention

Videos are well-known for their capability and to convey complex information quickly and easily. All information that is hard-to-explain will be broken down into smaller chunks, making it much easier for viewers to understand and digest. This can be particularly useful for explaining intricate concepts, showcasing product features, or providing step-by-step instructions.

Visuals and audio together help viewers absorb and retain information more effectively than text alone. Whether it’s a tutorial, product demonstration, or explainer video, videos can help simplify concepts. When viewers understand what message you’re trying to deliver, they’re more likely to convert.

Humanize Brands

Video content’s visual elements help you to put a face on your brand. You can showcase your unique personality and connect with like-minded audiences using videos.

The story you tell through videos can make you appear as an approachable brand and not the faceless, way-too-serious one. You can feature real people, behind-the-scenes footage, or user-generated content, to convey authenticity, build trust, and create a sense of community.

When an audience can connect with you on a deeper level, they will stick around your brand and become a loyal customer.

Improved SEO and Website Traffic

Videos embedded on websites or shared on social media platforms can improve search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines consider videos as valuable content, and including them on your website can enhance their visibility in search results.

The higher you rank on the search engine, the more people will find your business. This improved brand awareness can lead to increased website traffic as viewers are more likely to click through to learn more. A website with higher traffic can also make you appear as a credible and trustworthy business.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

As video marketing becomes increasingly popular, staying ahead of your competitors is important. Today, more than 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It’s a fight for eyeballs out there. While more businesses start creating more videos, you need to gain a competitive advantage.

Investing in a social media video marketing strategy allows you to stay relevant, differentiate your brand, showcase your expertise, and create a unique and memorable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Cost-Effectiveness and Versatility

Video production has become more accessible and affordable in recent years. With smartphones and user-friendly video marketing tools, you can create high-quality videos without a significant investment in equipment or professional videographers. Whether you’re a small business with a shoestring budget or a deep-pocket large corporation, social media video marketing is accessible.

Additionally, videos can be repurposed across multiple platforms and channels, extending their lifespan and maximizing their value. You can use your social videos for your email newsletter, landing pages, and even as a sales pitch for your prospects.

Wrapping Up

Social media video marketing is no longer a nice-to-have strategy for businesses to thrive in today’s crowded marketing landscape. It’s now a must-have. With all those reasons outlined above, now you understand why this strategy should be mandatory for your overall White label marketing campaign

That all said, remember that it’s not a one-time strategy. It requires ongoing effort and consistency to yield the best results. Remember that the success of your social media video marketing strategy will depend on understanding your target audience, creating high-quality and engaging videos, and consistently analyzing and optimizing your approach based on the insights you gather.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). Twitter: @breadnbeyond Email: LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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  1. Videos have become a must-have component of every marketing strategy, especially on social media. This article emphasizes the importance of incorporating videos into your social media marketing efforts. From storytelling to product demonstrations and behind-the-scenes footage, videos can captivate your audience and drive engagement. Discover how to leverage the power of social media videos to enhance your marketing strategy and achieve your business objectives.

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