What is Facebook Instant Caching?

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Last update: 2019-08-09 16:40

What is Instant Caching and why do I need it?

To make sure that Facebook always pulls the current meta data of your blog post for link-posts, Blog2Social adds a "no_cache=1" parameter to the post URL when instant caching is activated.

How can I deactivate Instant Caching?

To activate or deactivate instant caching for Facebook, click on the Blog2Social “Networks” section that you find on the upper or the left-hand navigation bar: Blog2Social>Networks.

Click on the “Edit Post Format” button right-hand of your Facebook connection.

Please note: If you use varnish caching or another kind of caching on your website, make sure to activate instant caching. This will make sure that Facebook processes the current meta data of your blog post defined for the link-post format. If you don’t activate instant caching, Facebook may pull old meta data from your blog post. 

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