Reddit: You have temporarily reached the publication limit with your account

2017-10-20 15:21

If your content has not been published on Reddit, there may be different reasons. Reddit is based on special rules that can affect the auto posting of your WordPress blog.

Reddit karma:

Each Reddit member receives "Karma Points" depending on how well his or her comments and contributions are rated by the other Reddit members. If your contribution on Reddit is rated positive by the community, you will receive "Karma Points".

The karma is made up of the Link- & Comment-Karma:

  • The (link/comment) karma increases when the link or comment has received upvotes.
  • If the links or comments are rated negatively, the (general) karma also decreases.

To publish your own content in the subreddits at Reddit, you need a certain number of "Karma Points" or a certain "Karma Score".

The number of "karma points" needed to publish posts in subreddits can vary between the different subreddits. Therefore, it is advisable to take a close look at the subreddits in advance and familiarize yourself with the rules within the individual subreddits, because: each subreddit follows its own rules.

Group rules:

Some groups allow, for example, to post only images or to publish with a certain karma score. Other groups allow only one post per day and user.



Requirement: Link / Comment karma of min. 10
Disallowed submissions
US internal news/US politics
editorialized titles
misleading titles
Editorials, opinion, analysis

General API limitation:

In addition to the regulation of Karma points, the general API Ratelimit of an OAuth2 connected user can also be responsible for a failed posting. The API Ratelimit equals 60 requests per minute.

The API Ratelimit should not be confused with the "Submission / Comment-Ratelimit".

Submission/Comment Council limits:

On Reddit, users cannot quickly post in succession like they can on other networks. An exact time, how often it is allowed to post to Reddit, cannot be determined. The Reddit-Wiki gives the following information: With low karma a user can post 1 post / comment every 10 minutes. Rising karma increases this rate.

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