Automatically Share Blog Posts To Social Media With Blog2Social

Automatically Share Blog Posts To Social Media With Blog2Social

Blog2Social WordPress social media plugin for easier auto posting, sharing and scheduling blog posts to social media

More than a year ago we launched the first release of Blog2Social to easily share blog posts on social media. Our idea has been to simplify the process of sharing and cross-promoting blog posts across multiple social media channels. Our primary goal has been to develop a solution to automate the process of sharing, while safeguarding individual customization and best time scheduling. We wanted to take out the cons of robot-like broadcasting while maintaining the benefits of auto sharing. So we put much effort into turning blog posts into an optimal format social media posts to be scheduled and shared at the best time for each network automatically. At the same time we provide users with the option to customize posts.

We are always happy to receive positive feedback from our users.

„Blog2Social removes all social sharing pain […] Blog2Social automates the social sharing I do immediately after posting,[…] makes it easy to repurpose and reshare old blog posts […] and allows me to schedule as many shares and reshares as far into the future as I like”
(by Chris Abraham , )

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Time you can better spend on networking and engaging with your audience. However, your regular feedback and requests for more features helps us to improve Blog2Social according to your needs and requirements. So, we connected several more networks to the plugin and further simplified and improved the sharing customization and scheduling process.

Now it’s time to present a brand new release with new features alongside the most popular ones. Please let us know what you think.

Blog2Social at a glance

Set up and network selection for your social media content sharing plan

Blog2Social saves all the time and hassle for manually sharing your posts to social media profiles, pages and groups as well as multiple accounts on the following networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (profiles, pages)
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn (profiles, pages)
  • XING (profiles, pages, groups)
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Torial
  • Reddit
  • Diigo

You can crosspost or cross-promote your posts with individual comments, hashtags or handles for more visibility and a personal and engaging touch.

You can post your images to image networks such as Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram and your can re-publish your post to other blogging networks such as Medium or Tumblr.

With the new release you cannot only choose multiple networks for your social media sharing profiles, but you can also select multiple accounts for each network, for example if you have multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Facebook pages you want to post to.

We put much effort into optimizing every feature to save time with Blog2Social. Whether you connect your networks for the very first time, or you decide to post to a new profile, page or group, just use the new right hand side panel to add or remove profiles, pages or groups for your current content sharing scheme.

In the Blog2Social settings you can pre-select and save various sets of networks or accounts for different content sharing purposes or re-sharing plans.

With the click of a button on your right hand side bar your can easily select or remove networks and accounts for your current social media sharing scheme.

new Sidebar Blog2Social

Customizing your post

The customizing feature is one of the most popular and most used features since the very first release. But why is customizing so important for your automation strategy?

Every network provides different options for presenting your post, such as different images sizes, numbers of characters, hashtags or handles for better search and networking.

For maintaining the benefits of customizing your posts to network level, Blog2Social automatically turns your post and your images into the optimal format and size for each networks.

A preview page displays all of your connected and selected networks for your current posting scheme on one single page. The one-page preview allows you to add individual comments, hastags or handles for each network in one single step. You may give your posts a personal and engaging touch to make them perform better for different target groups on various social channels.

Easy to use editing fields show the corresponding number of characters allowed on each network. Pre-filled text and tags can be added, deleted or customized to your preferences.

customizing blogposts

The new Blog2Social release also turns your blog posts automatically into HTML markup to re-publish your posts on Medium, Tumblr and Torial. To give your content even more outreach on these powerful blogging networks.

adjust html advanced customization

Scheduling for the best times to post on social media

The perfect timing can bei critical for your post to be noticed or go down in the endless stream of social media noise. .

We have done a bundle of research for you to develop a ready to use time frame to automatically send out your posts according to the best times on each network. The new release allows you to choose the Blog2Social best-time scheduler or set up your own best time scheduling plan.

It takes a lot of deep insight research and analysis to find out what works best for you. If you already did that research for yourself, set up your own best time settings for the times that work best for you.

When scheduling your post, just click “B2S best-time scheduler” or “My best time setting”. For both options you can always edit and save new time settings.

You can:

  • choose one time scheduling or recurring scheduling,
  • re-share old posts or
  • pre-schedule your planned, not yet published posts.

Scheduling with Blog2Social

Instant Sharing for Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups and Events

You can choose to share your Posts on Facebook immediately or schedule your posts for a later date.

After scheduling your posts, they will be listed in the “Scheduled Posts” tab on your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On your scheduled date, your posts will move to the “Instant Sharing” tab and you can click on “share” to send them to your Facebook Profile instantly.

Clicking on “Share” will take you to the Facebook Instant Sharing window. Facebook Instant Sharing offers multiple ways to tailor and share your Facebook posts. Learn more about Facebook Instant Sharing.

Re-sharing content and re-posting evergreen content recurringly

Everytime your share your posts on social media, only a fraction of your audience will actually see your post. So it might be a good idea to post your content more than once. But, be careful with re-sharing your content. There are implicit rules on how often to post on each network (Link blog post) that vary from network to network. Whereas it is ok to post as many as 3-4 times per day on Twitter, doing the same on Facebook may result in annoying your followers. The new Blog2Social scheduling feature makes it easier to plan, share and re-share your content recurringly:

  • Select how many weeks your content shall be published and select days and time.
  • Re-share your content to a specific set of networks only.
  • Re-share your evergreen content recurringly.
  • Share all of your post images on a successive plan.
  • Post in different groups with different comments.
  • And more

And with one more click you may save your setting as default for all networks.

Advanced Scheduling and Sharing with Blog2Social

Blog2Social is free to use it for auto-sharing and customizing blog posts to social media. More elaborate features for sharing and scheduling can be accessed with the Blog2Social Premium upgrade anytime.

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Anyone who stops improving, has stopped being good
(Robert Bosch)

Preview of the next release:

We will never stop improving Blog2Social. So, we already have a lot of ideas and plans for the next release coming soon. This is what you can expect:


If you just want to share your blog posts every time you publish a new post, without individual customizing and scheduling, you can do so. With the new Blog2Social release,  this will be even faster, based on your predefined preferences.

Sharing Calender:

The report for your shared and scheduled posts will show on a calender for an easier overview and planning for your posts.

Engagement stats and analysis:

Once your shared your post, you want to know how well it performed on each network. How many likes, shares and comments you get for each shared post? With a new stats and analysis module, you will see likes, shares and comments for each of your shared post. Easily analyse what works best on each networks and easily access your posts for replies.

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