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How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Multiple LinkedIn Channels for Cross-Promotion

LinkedIn is a powerful place to promote your content and present your expertise. Cross-promotion of your blog posts on various LinkedIn channels is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so. And Blog2Social can help you to promote your content much easier and more efficiently. LinkedIn is an all-in-one presentation platform for […]

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Multiple Twitter Accounts for Cross-Posting

No matter if you manage multiple blogs, work with multiple authors, or simply have multiple Twitter accounts yourself. However, with the enforcement of the new rules, Twitter will restrict accounts in posting the same or even substantially similar original content to multiple accounts. If you manage more than one Twitter account, it can make sense […]

How to Cross-Promote on Social Media Automatically

Social media networks have evolved into indispensable marketing channels for thriving websites and blogs. Dive into this post to explore how smart social media automation to cross-promote on social media can save you time, amplify your reach, and showcase your content through optimized social media posts. Running a successful website or blog does not end […]

How to Share Blog Posts to Social Media Automatically

Blog2Social is a WordPress social media plugin designed to simplify the process of auto-posting, sharing, and scheduling blog posts across various social media platforms. In 2015 we launched the first release of Blog2Social with the aim of simplifying the sharing and cross-posting of blog posts on social media. Our primary focus has been on developing […]

[Video]: The best times to post on social networking sites

When are the best times to post on social networking sites? When are the best times to post your blogposts on social networking sites? Studies show that effective scheduling can improve your visibility on the respective networks. With Blog2Social you can choose between one time scheduling or recurring scheduling, re-share old posts or pre-schedule your […]


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