How to automatically post to multiple groups on Facebook?

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Facebook groups are great places for sharing topic related content like your blog posts. Automatically posting in multiple groups on Facebook at once is the key to use these channels to get your content in front of more eyeballs.

Facebook groups can play an outstanding role in your social media marketing strategy. Why? Members of a Facebook group share the same interest in a specific topic. Unlike all other marketing channels, on Facebook you can get in touch with users, who are not following you. This is why posting in Facebook groups has a great impact on your outreach.

However, if you take part in multiple Facebook groups, manually posting in multiple Facebook groups takes time and is tedious work. Time you could better spend on other tasks.

Auto-posting to multiple Facebook groups at once can actually save your time. In this article you learn how the social media automation plugin Blog2Social helps you to post in multiple Facebook groups at once automatically and directly from your Wordpress dashboard.

How to automatically post in multiple Facebook groups at once?

With Blog2Social you can increase your outreach in Facebook and other social networks fast and easily. You can connect multiple social media profiles, pages and groups to share blog posts and images.

Connect multiple Facebook groups to share your posts

  • Open "Networks" in the Blog2Social left-hand menu or click "ADD MORE" in the one-page preview editor.
  • Click "+ Group" to select and connect to the Facebook groups you want to post to
  • Follow the instructions in the authorization window

Also take a look at the comprehensive manual on how do I connect Blog2Social with Facebook groups.

How to schedule and tailor your posts for multiple Facebook groups

You can automatically share your blog posts and images in all connected Facebook groups with Blog2Social. You have two general options for sharing your content. You can simply auto-post and auto-schedule your posts to multiple Facebook groups at once whenever you publish a new blog post, or you can individually tailor and schedule your posts individually for each Facebook group and then share them automatically. These are "auto-posting" and "custom sharing and scheduling".

Follow the instructions on how to auto-post and auto-schedule blog posts on social media with the Social Media Auto-Poster to learn step-by-step how to auto-post on Facebook groups.

If you want to tailor your social media posts before posting, a one-page preview editor allows you to do this in one easy step for all of your Facebook groups. You can add comments, hashtags and handles and schedule your posts individually for each Facebook group.

  • Select the format for your posts. Facebook allows different post-formats for your posts. A photo post focuses on the image and saves it in your Facebook albums. A link post links the selected preview image directly to your blog posts. Select the option that is best for your purpose.
    Learn more about how to select the post-type for your Facebook posts.
  • Engage in ongoing discussions in a Facebook group. Then it’s more likely that other group members engage with your posts. We recommend adding specific comments to your posts. Suppose, a group member asks a question you answer in a blog post. Refer to this question in your comment.
    Learn more on how to customize social media posts individually.
  • It’s very important to use visual triggers in social media. Images and graphics let you stop while scrolling down your news stream. And they are crucial, whether you click the detailed view or the posted link. Blog2Social gives you the choice to select the best image for each single post.
    Learn more on how to share individual images on social media.

How to post automatically in multiple Facebook groups at once

If you just decide to auto-post or auto-schedule your social media posts, just push the "publish" or "update" button in your WordPress editor.

If you prefer to tailor and schedule your social media posts, click the "custom sharing and scheduling" button, check the preformatted social media posts the one page editor, if you want to change a comment, select a different image or change a scheduled time for your Facebook groups, if you need to, and then click “share” at the bottom of the one-page preview editor.

You can also share or re-share your older blog posts to multiple Facebook groups at once. Click "update" to auto-post or select your post, click "re-share" to check the one-page editor for any changes and then click "share" to automatically post them to multiple Facebook groups and other social networks and communities of your choice.

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