Is Blog2Social free?

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Last update: 2016-11-22 16:40

Blog2Social is a freemium plugin with a free comprehensive basic version and premium plans offering more advanced features. With Blog2Social free you can cross-post your website content and blog posts on your social media profiles. You can post to all or selected social media networks at once or you can individually tailor your social media posts before posting. See what’s included in the free version below. For more advanced features and options you can test Blog2Social Premium for free and without any obligations and upgrade whenever needed.

What can I do with the free version?

There is quite a lot you can do with the free version of Blog2Social for your social media marketing:

  • You can share your blog posts and pages as well as content from other sources on 16 different networks: Twitter, Facebook (profile and page), LinkedIn (profile), XING (profile), Pinterest, Imgur, Reddit, Torial, Medium, Tumblr, Flickr, Diigo and Bloglovin.
  • You can customize your social media posts with personal comments, hashtags, handles, emojis, and select an image of your choice. You can even edit the complete HTML markup for re-publishing your post on Tumblr, Torial, and Medium.

With the free version you can also:

  • manage all users’ posts and pages and share them on your channels
  • re-post old blog posts
  • view all your social media posts in one single place
  • automatically generate hashtags from your posts tags
  • edit the meta tag information of your blog posts and pages
  • use the free Blog2Social Extension for Firefox and Chrome to save links while browsing and share them whenever you want.

If that’s enough for you, you can stay with Blog2Social free forever. If you need more advanced sharing and scheduling options for auto-posting and cross-promoting your posts and contents you can upgrade to Premium for less than $ 6.60 per month. That’s less than a big pizza.

How can I start the free Premium Trial?

To start your free 30-day-Premium trial just register at:
You will receive a license key via email, that you can use to activate your WordPress user for all the Premium features

What are the benefits of a Premium subscription plan?

Blog2Social premium takes your social media marketing to the next level. Benefit from more features for a smarter and faster social media scheduling and automation such as:

  • Schedule, share and re-share your posts automatically with the Best Time Manager, select recurring intervals and set your own scheduling schemes.
  • Auto-Posting: Set your social media marketing on auto-pilot and share your posts fully automated.
  • Tailor and optimize your social media post: Select individual post formats (link or image post) and images for each post by using any image from your library.
  • Customize post templates to save your individual layout setting as default and share your social media posts faster with individually tailored posts on each social network.
  • Connect more accounts per network, add more users
  • Business networks: Get more options for LinkedIn, XING, VK, and Google My Business
  • Get priority support per email and by phone.
  • …and many more Premium features: See all the Premium features on our pricing page

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