How do I schedule the posting of not yet published blog posts in advance?

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Last update: 2021-10-15 14:17

If you want to schedule a blog post that you have not yet published, please make sure beforehand, that the blog post is scheduled to be published on WordPress.

To do so, please

  1. Go to your post editor and check in the sidebar on the right hand side, whether the post is "Scheduled" or a "Draft".
  2. Click on edit and change the date and time according to your editorial scheme and click on "OK" afterwards.
  3. Now remember to click the blue "Schedule"-button, to make sure your WordPress has indeed scheduled the post.

Now you can schedule your social media posts in two ways:

1. Autoposting: Enable the auto-posting if the post should be shared immediately after the WordPress post is published on your website, and if and when the post should be shared with the Best Time Manager.

Blog2Social Auto Posting

2. Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts: Use the preview editor to individually tailor your social media posts and to edit your schedule or select a specific or recurring time scheme.

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