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2018-05-22 17:05

With Blog2Social 4.8, planning and scheduling multiple individually tailored posts is getting even easier.

Create unique social media posts by using individual comment texts, hashtags, @-handles and images (with the photo-post format) for your posts with only a few clicks. You can plan multiple individually tailored posts for Twitter, Facebook, VK, Google+, XING, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Diigo and Reddit.

To customize your posts in the one-page preview editor, go to “Blog2Social -> Posts & Sharing” and select the blog post you want to share by clicking on “Share on Social Media”

or open your blog post editor and click “Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts”.

Select the social media networks you want to share your blog post on and customize your first post. Then select “Schedule for specific dates”.

To add a second post, click on “+ add another post”.

You can now customize another post.

To select different images for each post, make sure that the post format is set to “Photo Post”. If you select “Link Post” format, the selected image will be the same for every post, since the networks will display only image data that are defined in your Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card parameters.

Schedule uniquely tailored posts for different dates and times to maximize engagement.  

Tipp 1: Unique Tweets for Twitter
Use this feature to create unique Tweets for Twitter. By tailoring your Tweets you have another great way to re-share your blog post multiple times without repeating yourself. And, with multiple individually tailored Tweets you will get more reach and engagement for your blog post.  >>More tips for Twitter

Tipp 2: Multiple images on Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr
Posting multiple images from your blog post to Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr is now easier and quicker than ever! Just select a different image for each of your posts and click share.

>> You want to retweet some of your Tweets to different Twitter accounts? Learn how to do it with Blog2Social!

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