Network collections: How to save a specific selection of networks?

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Last update: 2023-07-04 00:00

If you have connected a wide range of networks to Blog2Social, but you don't want to share each post on all of them, it might come in handy to create different network collections. With pre-selected network collections you won't have to select or deselect networks manually to assemble your choice.

Just choose the network collection that suits your needs:

  • Picture networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr)
  • Business networks (LinkedIn, XING)
  • Networks for re-sharing (Tumblr, medium, Torial)
  • If you are an agency: Put your customers accounts into a network collection!


Save a specific selection of networks (Pro and Business)

To do so, please go to your Blog2Social dashboard and click on "Networks".
At the top of the page you'll find a button "Create new network collection". Click it!


A separate window will open. Enter a name and click on "create".


After you have done so, you will be forwarded to the usual network overview, where you can connect the networks that you'd like to have in this network collection.


Advanced Network Management (Business)

If you want to add a network account to your new network collection, you do not need to re-enter the login data. Simply move your existing connection to the network selection:
1. Create your new network collection.
2. Go back to the overview of your networks by selecting “Show all” at the top of the “Networks” page.
3. Next to every network you will see three little grey icons, one of them looks like a person’s head.


4. Select the connection you want to add to your new network collection and click on the little gearwheel icon.
5. The pop-up “Advanced Network Settings” will open.
6. Select your desired network collection under “Move the connection to another network profile” and click “move”.


7. You just moved the connection to your network collection. Happy Sharing!


Too lazy to do it all over again? Then apply this handy trick!

1) Go to your Blog2Social dashboard and click on “Social Media Posts”.
2) Select a post and click on "Share on Social Media", so you will be forwarded to the post preview editor.
3) On the right-hand side you will see a dark sidebar with your social accounts.
4) First, choose the network collection name you've just created, next select or deselect the networks that you would like to have in your new profile
5) Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar.
6) Click  "Save Network Selection".


You have created a new profile of networks, without any extra work!


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