How do I insert hashtags in my posts?

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Last update: 2021-05-05 00:00

Hashtags are an easy way for users to find relevant content on social media. By including hashtags with important keywords into your social media posts you can effectively increase the reach of your posts.

With Blog2Social, you can either add individual hashtags for your posts when you customize them, you can put permanent hashtags for every social media network into your posting templates or let Blog2Social generate hashtags from your WordPress or WooCommerce tags.



How to add individual hashtags?

When you schedule your blog posts, you can add individual #hashtags by simply typing them into your comment box within the one-page-editor.

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How to add permanent hashtags?

If you always want to post a certain hashtag on one of your social media networks, you can add your hashtag directly to your post template for this network. Just add “#SocialMedia” into your template for example.

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How to let Blog2Social generate hashtags from blog tags?

By automatically generating and adding hashtags them Blog2Social helps you to save time for one more routine step in your social media marketing to create better-performing posts.

Free and Smart license users have this option enabled by default in their network-templates to set the tags from WordPress posts automatically. Users that were using Blog2social Free and Smart licenses on previous Blog2Social versions still have the option to keep their keyword configuration like it was configured before the Blog2Social version 6.5.0.

For this to work, please make sure that you have set "Tags" for your blog post in WordPress.
These tags of your blog post will then be automatically added to your social media posts as hashtags if you have added "Keywords" in your networks post templates.


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