How to automatically publish blog posts on Medium or LinkedIn Pulse?

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Last update: 2017-07-12 10:02

Re-publishing your blog content on blog networks such as Tumblr, Medium Torial  or LinkedIn Pulse, is a great way to find more readers for your content. However, there are some aspects to consider for re-publishing your blog content successfully. And there is also an easy way to automatically re-publish your blog post right from your WordPress with Blog2Social.

Blogging networks such as Tumblr, Medium, Torial or LinkedIn Pulse become more and more popular. The networks provide millions of interested readers, ready to find and discuss new contents of a variety of topics. So re-publishing your content on these networks can drive more readers to you post.

However, your audience on these blogging networks might differ from your Blog audience or your other social media accounts. So you might not simply want post the same copy of your post, but just an excerpt or a specific chapter of your post You can also vary the title and introduction a bit to focus other keywords and you can also use different header images and graphics in your Tumblr, Torial and Medium posts. This way you might catch the attention of readers you couldn’t win with in your original headline or featured image.

Tip: Re-publishing blog posts with a different title, copy, images and a delay of 4-5 days will have a positive influence on the google ranking of your blog posts as Google can index the original blog post first.

How to automatically re-publish your blog post on Medium, Tumblr, Torial with Blog2Social

To re-publish your blog content on blogging platforms, Blog2Social provides you with a HTML Editor to check and customize the format of your post.

Just go to your Blog2Social dashboard and select a post for re-sharing. With a simple click on "Share on Social Media" you will be forwarded to the one-page preview.

 Re-publish blog posts on blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumblr and Torial

Select the networks you’d like to re-post your evergreens on with a simple click.

 Select or deselect networks in the blog2social sidebar

Blog2Social automatically generates your new blog posts for re-publishing on Medium and Co. Scroll down through the post and check whether you like the format.
You can edit the copy by using the following HTML tags:

  • <p>
  • <br>
  • <i>
  • <b>
  • <a>
  • <img>


Or click on the buttons "h1" and "h2" to vary headings.
If you’d like to integrate different images than in your original blog post, you can do this as well by clicking on the small image icon in the editor's toolbar.

 Select individual images for your repostings on blog networks

A window will open an give you the usual options:

  1. Select one of your blog posts images
  2. Choose it as an individual images for this particular scheduling plan
  3. Choose to apply this image selection for all connected networks
  4. Select and upload an image from your media library
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