How do I connect Blog2Social with Facebook groups?

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Last update: 2020-07-03 00:00

You can connect any Facebook group to your Blog2Social you are an admin or a member of.
In order to connect Blog2Social with your Facebook group, please go to "Networks" within your Blog2Social Dashboard. Here you'll see an overview of all supported networks you can connect with Blog2Social.
To connect your Facebook group simply click on "Connect Group".


A separate window will open and ask for your login data. After that you can select your Facebook group.

Please note:
The group administrator needs to add the Blog2Social app to the group settings.
If you want to post to a group you are a member of, please ask your group administrator to add the Blog2Social app to the group settings.
Learn how to add the Blog2Social app to your Facebook group.

Every Facebook group has its own specific set of rules. Please make sure to read those rules carefully before posting in Facebook groups to prevent being blocked from a group. Learn how to optimize your posts for the target group in a specific Facebook group in our FAQ:
How do I customize my social media posts individually?


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