How to share on Facebook Profiles & Pages and in Events & Groups with Facebook Instant Sharing

2018-07-31 09:18

Facebook recently made changes to their Platform Policy to ensure that communication on Facebook Profiles stays on a personal level. To help you keep sharing content with your followers, Blog2Social is now introducing Instant Sharing for Facebook.

Instant Sharing will not only let you share content on your Facebook Profile. You will also be able to share

  • on a Friend’s Timeline
  • in a Group
  • in an Event
  • on a Page you manage
  • in a Private Message

You will be able to

  • add @handles
  • tag friends
  • check in at a location
  • add Emotions/Activities
  • choose who should see your posts:
    • Public
    • Friends
    • Friends except…
    • Friends of Friends
    • Specific friends
    • Only me

How to use Facebook Instant Sharing

You can still schedule your Facebook Profile posts with Blog2Social. After scheduling your posts for your Facebook Profile, they will be listed in the “Scheduled Posts” tab on your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On your scheduled date, your posts will move to the “Instant Sharing” tab and you can click on “share” to send them to your Facebook Profile instantly.

Please note: Instant Sharing connects to Facebook through your Facebook Profile. Even if you want to use Instant Sharing to share on Facebook Pages, in Groups or Events, you need to schedule your post for your Profile first. Later, you can choose where you want to share your post.

All scheduled posts for your personal Facebook Profiles with scheduled dates starting from 1st of August and later will automatically be turned into Facebook Instant Sharing posts.

Clicking on "Share" will take you to the Facebook Instant Sharing window. If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be asked to do so. If you have or manage more than one Facebook Profile, please make sure to log into the right profile before sharing.

The Facebook Instant Sharing window offers multiple ways to tailor and share your Facebook posts.

Blog2Social will automatically add a link to your post. The Facebook link preview shows how your post will be displayed on Facebook. Add your comment to the “Say something about this…” section to individually tailor your post. You can also use @handels to tag friends.

Choose where you want to share your post on in the top left section of the Instant Sharing window.

Add an emoji or activity to further personalize your post.

If you like, you can even add your location.

Tag people in your post with the “Who are you with?” feature.

Finally, choose who should see your post.

If you are happy with your Facebook post, click on “Post to Facebook” to share your post directly on your Facebook Profile.

Please keep in mind: In order to share a blog post, make sure that your blog post has been published and is public, to be shared on your Facebook Profile with Instant Sharing.

If you want to keep on scheduling and sharing your content automatically on Facebook, think about converting your Profile to a Facebook Page as Facebook has restricted automatic posting on Facebook Profiles for all social media tools.

>>Learn how to convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

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