Twitter terms of service update February 2018 + common questions

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Last update: 2018-03-22 00:00

In February 2018 Twitter changed their terms of service (TOS) in order to prevent malicious activity and spam. Users are no longer allowed to post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts multiple duplicate updates on one account. Accordingly, social media tools are now no longer permitted to enable users to send the same message to multiple Twitter accounts. Twitter accounts that do not follow the new Twitter rules risk to be subject to enforced action. The new Twitter automation rules will be valid from March, 23rd.


What does this mean for your work with Blog2Social?

While other social media tools simply no longer allow connecting multiple Twitter accounts, Blog2Social will provide you with as many great features as possible to make sure you can still post to multiple Twitter accounts in accordance with the new Twitter rules, now and in the future. This is what Blog2Social was originally built for and this is what we are specializing in: Blog2Social will provide you with many great features for individually customized and tailored social media posts for more engagement and reach on Twitter as well as on other social platforms. You can do so today by adding individual comments, hashtags, images, post formats and even change meta tags for Twitter Cards for your Twitter posts. And we will provide you with even more individual Twitter options very shortly.

We recommend that you adapt your current Twitter messages and scheduling according to Twitter’s new automation rules. Blog2Social provides you with individual comment fields for each of your individual Tweets. This way you can still share your posts on all your Twitter accounts with individually tailored comments.


How does my workflow change? + common questions

In order to comply with the new TOS, we made some changes to Blog2Social. Here are some questions you might seek answers to.


How do I edit my already scheduled posts?

If you scheduled identical or similar Twitter posts for multiple accounts, we recommend to edit or delete them, to follow the new Twitter TOS.
How to view, edit or delete scheduled social media posts


Why are the comment fields empty for my Twitter accounts?

If you select more than one Twitter account, the first account will still have an automatically generated comment in the comment field. In accordance with the new Twitter rules, posting the same or even substantially similar Tweets across multiple accounts is no longer allowed. To prevent duplicate Tweets, the comment fields for all your other Twitter accounts are free for you to vary your tweets. We recommend customizing each post comment with individual comments, hashtags, images, post formats and even meta tags.


Why can't I share the same post on multiple Twitter accounts?

Twitter no longer allows users to post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. To prevent this from happening and you from getting into trouble with Twitter, Blog2Social now analyzes your Twitter comments to make sure you do not accidentally post duplicate content on your account.


Why is the Blog2Social-Shortener activated for Twitter?

The Blog2Social link shortener is currently automatically enabled for Twitter to make sure that you are able to share the links to your blog post multiple times. Creating multiple individual links for your post ensures that Twitter does not flog the links as duplicate content.


Why can I use the auto-poster only for one Twitter account?

Sending duplicate posts to multiple different accounts violates the new Twitter TOS, which is why auto-posting to more than one Twitter account is no longer allowed by Twitter. You can now choose a primary Twitter account for your auto-posting.


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