User management: How to assign license keys and social media accounts to other users

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Last update: 2020-09-04 00:11

Do you manage a blog or website with multiple users and social network accounts?
Whether you share your website with multiple users, editors, contributors,  social media teams, or with a social media agency - working with multiple users and teams is very easy with Blog2Social.

Blog2Social works WordPress user-based which means that all settings and network connections can be defined for each WordPress user individually.
To authorize other users to get access to the Blog2Social Premium features, you can simply log in with the specific user on your WordPress website and activate the license key in these user accounts, as shown in the following guide:
How do I activate my license key?

Once these users are activated, each user can connect their social media accounts in the "Networks" overview and enable the auto-poster settings as preferred.


Activate Blog2Social Premium for multiple users by assigning your license key (Business version)

For an easier user administration and advanced team management, the Blog2Social Business version provides you with additional options to simply assign license keys as well as social network accounts and auto-poster settings to users from an admin account. The following guide will show you how to manage license keys and social network accounts for multiple users.
This way you can activate and manage license keys for all blog users with minimal effort. There will be no need to disclose license key information to new users because they won’t need to enter the key themselves.


How to activate Premium for multiple users

1. Go to your Blog2Social dashboard and click “Upgrade Licence” or “PREMIUM”.
2. At the top of the page, you’ll find a field with your name. Click on it.
3. The pop-up “Search for blog user” will open. Enter the name of the user whose license you want to upgrade.
4. After selecting a user, enter your license key.
5. Click “Activate Licence”.
6. Ask the user to log in to check if their WordPress user account has been correctly activated. The user might need to refresh the page in their browser to complete the activation process.


Assign Social Media Accounts to other users (Business version)

When you share a Blog2Social license with multiple users, you can now also assign social network accounts to other user accounts. Assigning social network accounts to users enables you to manage social media teams, saving time for the setup, and protecting personal accounts as well as sensible login data. You will always be able to update and delete the assigned social media connections.


How to assign social media accounts

1. Go to your Blog2Social dashboard and click “Networks” or "Social Media Networks".
2. Next to every network you will see three little gray icons, one of them looks like an adjustment wheel.


3. Select the connection you want to assign to another user and click on the little icon.
4. The pop-up “Advanced Network Settings” will open.
5. Select the blog user you want to assign the connection to under “Assign the connection to other blog users”.
6. Click on “assign”.


8. Repeat with as many network connections as you’d like.
9. If you want to delete an assigned network connection, select the connection and click delete next to the user's name.

Of course, users can still set and save their own best time settings for the assigned connections and use their own individual social media profiles and pages. This is especially important for business networks like LinkedIn or XING.


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